If you are a huge Chromebook fan, then you might just want to make sure you’re sitting down for this news.

Sometime in the near future, LG will be releasing an all-in-one desktop computer that will be powered by Google’s own operating system. Dubbed the “Chromebase,” the PC will be limited in what applications it can run (just like on the Chromebook); specifically, that means you won’t be seeing things like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, iTunes or Skype on there. If you need tech or hardware support and guidance visit tvit.net/hardware-support/.

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But, if you’re a Google fanatic and already have seen the glory in utilizing the company’s many different applications, that’ll suit you just fine.


So Why is This Release Good News?

The release of a Chromebase should be good news for a number of reasons:

1) Cost: because it isn’t loaded with many applications – as users mostly save files through the cloud – and if the Chromebooks are any indication, the Chromebase will be a much cheaper option than other desktops. And for people who simply want a cheap desktop that can serve as a quick resource and tool while at home, the Chromebase is perfect.

2) Design: as an all-in-one, the Chromebase will already be space-saving with a sleek design.

3) Competition: sure, some will point to the fact that Chrome OS devices only account for a small percentage of overall sales, but those devices had a 1,542% growth in the last year. So many people are already taking advantage of Google’s wide range of apps that a Chrome device makes perfect sense. And for its cheap price tag, it’s certainly worth the purchase. Apple and Microsoft will definitely be taking notice of the Chromebase.

The Chromebase will be unveiled at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show, where the price will be unveiled. According to LG, the computer has a “21.5-inch Full HD display (1920 x 1080) IPS display that delivers accurate color reproduction, stunning contrast and an impressive 178-degree viewing angle.” It’ll also be outfitted with the fourth-generation Intel CPU, 16GB storage, a 1.3 megapixel webcam, microphone for video calling and built-in 5W speakers.

chromebase OS from Google

Chris Green of Davies Murphy Group sees this as a good move for LG and Google.

“Looking at the new device, while I think the desktop market is in terminal decline, consumers are still buying all-in-one units as hub devices that they can use for everything from ordering groceries to watching movies. And that’s a space LG wants to be in,” Green said.

Chromebase Themes

We’re betting that the Chromebase will come equipped with Google’s Chrome browser (just a hunch :). So Brand Thunder will be equipped with even more Chrome themes to liven up your Chrome browser. Remember, browser themes can be used as desktop themes, so any of our Chrome themes should be great designs for your new Chromebase OS desktop.

space chrome theme

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