Chrome CanaryWith so many methods for web browsing, companies have to constantly be looking for new ways to make the experience ideal for users. And with more and more people using mobile devices – and, soon, more touch-based laptops and desktops – to surf the Internet, the need for touch-friendly browsers has skyrocketed.

That is why Google is currently experimenting with touch features in Chrome Canary, its developer and early adopter test platform.

Those touch-friendly Chrome features include:

  • A slide-to-navigate feature that allows users to swipe left or right and go backwards or forwards on web pages
  • Pinch-to-zoom, an easy zooming feature using one’s fingers that all mobile users are likely familiar with

Google also supports the onscreen keyboard in the Windows 8 desktop version by having it pop up when a user taps an address bar or text box.

As touch screens and mobile usage – even desktops and laptops with touch capabilities – become the norm, it’s important for companies like Google to take advantage early. While these touch-based Chrome features are just entering the development stage, there is no question that everyone will be seeing them rolled out sooner rather than later.

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