Google Chrome in CarsNo one can say Google Chrome isn’t keeping busy.

The browser is already a giant in the computer world, but it looks as though it could be expanding its horizons in the very near future. On one end of the spectrum, the Chrome OS seems to be making the natural progression into the tablet world. There is currently only one available touchscreen Chromebook (the $1299 Chromebook Pixel), but there have been a number of recent developments that suggest a tablet could eventually be on the way:

  • Virtual keyboards (including all the keys found on a normal, physical Chromebook)
  • The ability to swipe down from the top of the screen with three fingers to view of open browser tabs or apps
  • Testing of the Google Chrome OS with an Intel Bay Trail processor

It certainly makes sense for Google Chrome to get involved in the tablet game. Chromebooks are popular, affordable products and if that can be replicated or enhanced through tablets, it’s a no-brainer move for the company.

And in a potentially mind-blowing move, surfing the web in your car just had its future brightened, as Google Chrome is expected to be included in the on-board operating systems of the Tesla Model S.

Chrome and other third-party apps are expected to be integrated into the cars by the end of 2014.

We certainly wouldn’t suggest driving while trying to use Google Chrome, but it’s exciting to see the infotainment developments taking place within cars. Plus, it puts us one step closer to robot-operated vehicles, and that’s all we really want, right?

With these recent developments in mind, how do you feel about the possibility of your world being completely dominated by Google Chrome?

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