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With great power comes great responsibility, especially when you are one of the most popular web browsers on the planet.

Like every other browser out there, Google Chrome works tirelessly to stay ahead of hackers and cyber criminals. With each new update that enhances security, malware works just as tirelessly to find ways around it. Most recently, Chrome blocked the installation of extensions from third-party websites, which, as a security measure, means they can only be downloaded through the Chrome Web Store.

Of course, users could still opt-in to install an extension after downloading an external software or application. While that was intended to give developers more ways to reach users, it was also a way for criminals to install malicious extensions to Chrome without one’s knowledge.

A Chrome 25 Update Offers a Solution

So now, in order to curb the security issues associated with external extensions, Chrome 25 users will receive a prompt informing them that an extension has been installed on Chrome from another software, and the user will have the option to either keep it or get rid of it.

More so, extensions added to Google Chrome using offline methods (in other words, not installed through the Chrome Web Store) will automatically be disabled soon. Users will have the opportunity to re-enable those extensions through a one-time prompt, though.

How Brand Thunder Can Help

It doesn’t matter if you’re a reliable, safe producer of extensions like Brand Thunder – this is simply the basic protocol for Chrome now. Because we publish our themes through the sites of our clients – and not through the Chrome Web Store – they will be disabled as well with the release of Chrome 25.

This move can hurt publishers that don’t produce malicious content, but fear not, because we have put together a list of three steps that will make it painless to keep your favorite browser themes and extensions.

Even better, we can send you a reminder that lets you know when these Chrome 25 changes are coming. Because missing out on keeping your favorite themes means you’ll be missing out on inside information, prizes, exclusive contests, and more.

Sign Up for a Google Chrome 25 Email or Twitter Reminder from Brand Thunder Today

At Brand Thunder, we are all about making the lives of our users easier and more convenient than ever. So by going the extra mile and being proactive about this Chrome 25 update, we are helping everybody retain their extensions and personal preferences. A lot of people get their news and other important information from Brand Thunder browser themes, and we don’t want our users to miss out on anything.

Of course, we aren’t just limiting our Chrome 25 reminder to people with Brand Thunder themes. We know how incredibly useful, fun and innovative Chrome extensions are, so we want everyone to have an opportunity to be reminded about this important update.

sign up for Chrome 25 emails

No matter what kind of Google Chrome extensions you use, sign up to receive Brand Thunder’s reminder about Chrome 25’s extension disabling and learn how you can prevent yourself from missing out on everything you love about them.

Be proactive about protecting your favorite extensions. Don’t let the malware win – sign up for a reminder today!

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