Easter Bunny RabbitSpring is finally here, which (hopefully) means warm weather is on the way. With the new season also comes Easter, a holiday that brings families together and is full of hope, color and fun (everything you would hope spring to be).

There are tons of great Easter themes out there – some are certainly fun and colorful while others exemplify the more serious aspects of the holiday. Whether you celebrate Easter from a more religious perspective or simply love hunting for colorful Easter eggs, there is a theme for you.

Be sure to check out some of our favorite Easter browser themes below!

Hoppy Easter

Chrome Theme for Easter Bunny

Easter is a fun, colorful holiday, and that is exactly what this Easter Bunny theme is as well. Not only will its colors and cute bunny get you in the holiday spirit, but it also has plenty of features, like the ability to send eCards, shop for gifts and watch a variety of holiday-related videos. Ring in the new season with this Easter theme!

Easter Banner

Easter Banner Theme for Firefox

This Easter theme is a little more understated, focusing instead on the more introspective aspects of the religious holiday. With a beautiful floral design and a classy “Happy Easter” message, this is a theme anyone can appreciate.

Easter Morning

Easter Morning Theme

Like any major holiday, Easter is full of iconic imagery, and it might just be the cutest holiday imagery of all. How else can you beat a group of bunnies and ducklings – wearing hats?! Easter themes don’t get much cuter than this (though we’ll do our best to find one).

Easter Bunny Family

Easter Bunny Family Browser Theme

The Easter Bunny brings gifts and chocolate to children on Easter morning, so naturally, it’s a beloved magical creature. In this Easter Bunny theme, you see a family of bunnies and their eggs in a lush, blooming landscape.

Faces of Spring

Faces of Spring

Oh, you know, this is just a theme full of flowers, kittens, puppies and bunnies (remember when we were still looking for the cutest theme ever?). While this isn’t an overtly Easter browser theme, it’s got cute animals all over it and blooming flowers, so it’s hard to complain.

Animated Easter

Animated Easter Chrome Theme

This Easter bunny theme is notable for its bright colors and great artwork, which features a little bit of everything regarding this time of the year. If you’re a fan of everything this holiday has to offer, this is the perfect browser theme.

Easter Egg Bunnies

Easter Egg Bunnies Chrome Theme

We don’t want to confuse anyone, but bunnies don’t actually hatch from eggs, let alone brightly colored ones. Nevertheless, the idea of two bunnies hanging out in some Easter eggs is too much to pass up, especially with the holiday right around the corner.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Chrome Theme

The artwork on Easter eggs can really be amazing, and it’s fun to see what kind of creativity people can have with the process. If you’re looking for a colorful Easter egg theme, you can’t go wrong with this one.

More Easter Eggs!

More Easter Eggs Chrome Theme

Of course, we do love this Easter egg theme as well. It takes a lot of precision and talent to draw small, detailed flowers on an egg, but the final product is really quite beautiful. If these eggs and their bright spring backdrop can’t get you excited for the coming months, nothing can.

Make Your Own Easter Browser Themes

Want to make your own colorful Easter egg themes? Have an Easter bunny theme idea in mind and want to share it with the world? With BT:Engage, you can create any kind of theme you want in a matter of minutes, using all of your favorite holiday imagery. Simply upload your favorite Easter themed images, arrange it on the theme background, add your favorite links to your favorite sites and publish the theme to our gallery. Not only will you have an Easter theme all your own, you can share with the World and have thousands of others using your theme too.

If the idea of making your own Easter themes has you excited, be sure to check out BT:Engage today!

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