Mozilla's Firefox OSWhile Firefox OS is new to the game, that isn’t preventing Mozilla from keeping lofty expectations for itself.

In a recent post on the Mozilla blog, Alex Keybl, the Manager of Release Management with the company, wrote that the current plan is to unleash feature releases every three months, along with security updates for the previous two feature releases every six weeks.

“As far as I know, that’s the most aggressive mobile OS release strategy out there,” Keybl said.

Keybl does admit that the process could still require some tweaking, but there is no doubt that he and the rest of Mozilla is thrilled to have finally pushed v1.0 out the door.

Putting This Firefox OS News into Perspective

The Next Web writes that the refreshing rate for mobile operating systems, while still more often than desktop versions, remains around a year. Mozilla intends to release features four times a year, which, if accomplished, will put the rest of the operating system world on notice.

What is Firefox OS?

Since it is new and not available in the United States just yet, it is easy to have overlooked this Mozilla release. Essentially, Firefox OS is Mozilla’s foray into the smartphone world. Perhaps its greatest quality is its ability to adapt to a user, anticipating one’s needs and delivering those needed apps and local content at any given time.

Like any other smartphone, Firefox OS touts its social, photo, music, map, messaging and app capabilities, though its Open Web app environment is a particularly celebrated feature.

Currently, Firefox OS smartphones have been rolled out in Spain and Poland, with plenty of other planned releases, including Hungary, Greece and Germany. A release for the United States is still unknown.

Firefox OS is aiming to be the low-cost alternative to a market dominated by Android and iOS. Without sacrificing quality, Firefox OS phones are affordable and should appeal to both developers and customers with the freedom they will have in using the devices.

Firefox OS Features

You can import contacts directly from Facebook and share updates instantly with them:

Firefox OS Contacts Screen

Firefox OS allows you to take photos, add filters to them like you would in Instagram, and then share with friends or keep for yourself:

Firefox OS Photos

Music is an important part of everyone’s lives and Firefox OS makes it easy by allowing you to listen to your favorite artists and songs all from one single device

Firefox OS Music feature

What makes Firefox OS different is its ability to adapt to your needs at that moment. It will be interesting to see how users respond and how well Mozilla adapts to user’s actions to present them what they want and need at a given time.

Firefox OS

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