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In Mozilla’s march toward mobile significance, the Firefox mobile operating system can now be found in 14 different countries, with more to come.

That means you can find a Firefox OS phone in Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Hungary, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro. There are also plans to unleash the Firefox OS in Asia in 2014.

According to Mozilla’s blog:

Mozilla is working with operator, hardware and developer partners around the world to offer more choice and control in the mobile industry with Firefox OS. Firefox OS smartphones are the first devices powered completely by Web technologies to deliver the performance and personalization you want in a smartphone with a beautiful, intuitive and easy-to-use experience that is unmatched by any other phone.

This has been a concentrated effort on the part of Mozilla to bring cheaper smartphones to other markets around the world. As of now, the company isn’t looking to necessarily compete with Apple and Android (because, really, it can’t yet), but it does offer something neither of the behemoth operating systems can: a truly customized, community-based platform.

Firefox OS Phone
Firefox OS Phone

Developers should love the fact that the Firefox OS is completely structured around HTML5 and web-based capabilities, providing an openness that just isn’t seen in other operating systems. Mozilla claims there are already thousands of apps in its Firefox OS app store, though an actual number is not certain. But it’s obvious that people are beginning to take advantage of the system’s accessibility.

As for an idea of what Asian markets could soon be enjoying Firefox OS, Telenor, a Norwegian operator that has released a number of Firefox OS smartphones across Europe, has subscribers in Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. That’s just the beginning, though, and 2014 could soon find Firefox OS smartphones all over Asia with a continued release across Latin America and Europe.

Is there an eventual showdown in the United States with iOS and Android in Firefox OS’ near future? Mozilla has been focusing on emerging international markets (hence the low prices of its phones) and the company has previously stated that there is no current plan to bring the operating system to the US, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen, or that you can’t already find a Firefox OS phone if you really want it.

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