Firefox 23As always, the release of an updated browser – especially one as big and influential as Mozilla Firefox – comes with a number of enhancements and updates. With the recently-released Firefox 23, users have been treated to a variety of things, from making social sharing even easier to security fixes that make browsing safer than ever.

Take a look for yourself – some of the most substantial new Firefox 23 features include:

  • The demise of the “blink tag,” which allowed browsers to render text that blinked (a staple of older, much more primitive websites)
  • The Mixed Content Blocker, a security measure which protects users from man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdroppers on HTTPS pages
  • A share button in the toolbar that allows you to easily share content with your Facebook friends
  • JavaScript is now enabled by default (though it can still be turned off)
  • Loads of individual bug fixes

Firefox browser for Mac

On the mobile side of Firefox 23, a new icon has been included that will add the current page to the Reading List, and auto-subscribing to a page’s RSS feed can be accomplished with a long tap in the address bar. A user can also specify a default search engine of his or her choice.

The Firefox logo itself has also undergone a slight redesign, having been optimized for small screens and low-resolution devices.

You can read even more about the Firefox 23 release here.

Firefox 23 Themes

As you get used to the newest Firefox 23 features, downloading a new theme is a great way to give your entire browser an original, fresh feel. With summer winding down and the sports season heating up (along with the holidays beginning to come into sight), there is an endless amount of Firefox 23 theme options.

We’ve put together a few of our recommended Firefox themes that are Firefox 23 compatible:

Get Fuzzy Firefox Theme

get fuzzy firefox theme

Easily one of the best and most hilarious comics out there today, the official Get Fuzzy Firefox 23 theme gives fans easy access to the daily strip and

Daytona International Speedway

Daytona Speedway Firefox Theme

With quick and easy access to event schedules, seating & maps, videos, pictures and more, fans of the Daytona International Speedway will never be able to get enough of the track’s official browser theme. With three different available themes and overall looks, this is a Firefox theme that will look great all year round.

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Firefox 23

Despite being the worst team in the league just one year earlier, the Colts put together an impressive 11-5 season in 2012 and now face high expectations for 2013. Can they deliver? Get the latest team news and scores, ticket information, highlights, schedule and more with the Colts’ official Firefox 23 theme.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers Firefox

After a lackluster start, the Los Angeles Dodgers are on a historic run to the playoffs, thanks in large part to the emergence of rookie Yasiel Puig. With the team’s official browser theme, you can follow all of the action leading up to what should be an exciting playoff appearance.

Michigan State University

Michigan State Firefox Theme

With school back in session and college football not far behind, now is the time to download your college or university’s official browser theme. There are Firefox 23 themes for just about every school you can imagine, so every fan should be able to show off his/her spirit.

—-> Check out the entire Firefox theme gallery, all compatible with Firefox 23:

Find More Information on the Release of Firefox 23:

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