This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from browser theme designer “Madonna” and her “Fine Froggy Spring Day” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. While Spring has “sprung” across most of the US and other parts of the world, a few locations are still seeing the cold weather with hints of Spring right around the corner. This theme helps give those of us in some of the colder climates visions of Springtime and hopefully foreshadows the weeks to come. This light-hearted theme features a green frog frolicking in the bright green Spring grass along side beautifully colored butterflies and Spring flowers. The grass is so green you just want to lay in it and stare into the sky. This is a brilliantly designed theme and a perfect theme for Springtime. Congrats Madonna for giving us all some Spring fever!

Fine Froggy Spring Day

Fine Froggy Spring Day Theme

Theme “Runner Ups”


Crysis browser theme


Sunset browser theme

Sunset Serenity

Sunset Serenity

Scary Night

Scary Night Browser Theme

Guns and Skull

Guns and Skull Theme

Ladybug Spring Discovery

Ladybug Spring Discovery Theme

Tattoo Girl

Tattoo Girl Theme

Disney Planes

Disney Planes Browser Theme

Fine Fractal Flower

Fine Fractal Flower Theme

Rally Car

Rally Car Browser Theme

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Each one of these browser themes was created for free using our free browser theme tool: Theme designers from around the world come each week to try to develop the best looking browser themes for the world to see. Brand Thunder receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a month to the gallery so your theme will be visible to fans from around the world. Our “Theme of the Week” posts highlights some of the best themes during the week providing even more exposure to your creations!

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