Facebook Firefox Theme postFacebook wouldn’t be where it is today without gaining a few fanatics along the way. The social network has become such a part of our everyday lives that it becomes hard to tear away. You know the process. You’re at work or in class. You’re bored. What are you going to do? Scroll through Facebook, of course. After all, you need to see the pictures uploaded from last weekend’s party or to stare at your friend’s new status about getting engaged.

Some would try to steer you away from this, but we say you should embrace your full-fledged Facebook obsession. We even think you should fan the flames by installing a Facebook theme into your Firefox browser.There are plenty to choose from, and all do a great job of proclaiming your undying love for the social networking giant.

Go ahead, feed your obsession and check out these Facebook themes below.

FB Theme

Facebook theme for Firefox

As an avid Facebook user, the only problem you might have is not being able to access the site quickly enough. With this FB theme, you’ll be able to access your account, news feed, messages and more directly from your browser. This is the only Firefox theme providing you instant access to your Facebook account with one easy click. Get a slick looking Facebook theme and a one-click portal to your Facebook page!

Checking Facebook

Checking Facebook theme

If you own a cat, you know how it goes. If you’re on the computer, it’s only a matter of time before your cat’s curiosity takes over and he/she wants to see what you’re doing. The routine of checking Facebook quickly includes an inquisitive cat peeking around the edge of your screen, probably wishing it had opposable thumbs.

A Shot of Facebook

A shot of facebook

Sometimes all you need is a quick dose of Facebook to get you through the day. If you’re the kind of person who always needs to keep tabs on everybody in your life, or want to know the latest meme sweeping through social media, this is the perfect Firefox Facebook theme.

Homer Simpson and Facebook

homer simpson and Facebook

Attempting to study for school while resisting the urge to go on Facebook is one of the hardest things this generation of students has to face. With this Facebook theme for Firefox, let Homer Simpson offer a little reminder of where your priorities should – should – lie.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook theme

Sometimes, it feels like people treat Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg like a deity, and this Facebook Firefox theme certainly adds to his aura. If you get down on your knees every morning and thank Mr. Zuckerberg for creating Facebook, then this theme is most certainly for you.

The Social Network

The Social Network Theme

What would a worldwide phenomenon be without a movie to tell its story? In “The Social Network,” we all got Hollywood’s version of Facebook’s early days. But it really was a great movie, even if we got a completely different, probably inaccurate and mostly insane opinion of Mark Zuckerberg from it.

Facebook Logo Themes

Facebook logo theme

There are plenty of Firefox Facebook themes out there  that contain the social network’s famous logo and blue coloring. If you just want to simply display your love for Facebook, this is a great way to do it.

Facebook logo 2 Firefox theme

Here is a look at another basic Facebook theme. There are many others like this with slight alterations to the design, so the choice is really up to you. Unlike the choice Facebook gives users when it makes unwelcome changes to its design. Zing!

Create Your Own Firefox Facebook Themes

Of course, if you don’t see a theme you like, you can always create your own Facebook theme for Firefox. With BT:Engage, you can create a Firefox theme using any kind of Facebook imagery you want. Simply upload the Facebook-inspired imagery and graphics you like right from your computer, arrange in the theme template and publish to the gallery. Check out how easy it is:


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