facebook extrasWe all love Facebook, but sometimes, many people feel as though the company is not introducing new features as quickly as we would like (or simply ignoring some of them altogether). That being said, it was only a matter of time before sites began adding their own new features to Facebook. The biggest one, of course, is Facebook themes, which allow users to dress up their pages with wallpapers. There is a Facebook skin for just about every interest out there, and it will take your page from a plain white background to anything you can imagine.

But the Social Extras browser plugin will enhance your Facebook experience with a ton of other features as well. From the vaunted dislike button to custom design features, Social Extras is one plugin that gives you everything you have ever wanted in a fun Facebook page.

Be sure to check out some of the best Facebook extras below:

Facebook Dislike Button

Facebook Dislike Button

Ah yes, the dislike button. It’s the most sought-after Facebook feature there is, yet the social network has never listened to the desperate pleas of its users. With your Social Extras, though, you will actually have the opportunity to finally utilize a dislike button.

Check out a quick video of how the Facebook Dislike Extension works:

FB Interactive Theme

Facebook browser theme

While it doesn’t directly affect the look or feel of your profile, the FB Theme from Brand Thunder is another Facebook extra that makes sure you’re never too far from your favorite social network. Create posts, check your news feed, send messages, look at your photos and much more, directly in your browser!

Facebook Custom Cursors

Facebook custom Cursors

Another great Facebook feature has to be the world of custom cursors. These were especially big “back in the day” when we were all figuring out the Internet, and custom cursors for your Facebook theme are a great way to bring a little nostalgic flair to your social experience.

Facebook Photo Zoom

Facebook Photo Zoom

Sometimes, the best Facebook extras just offer a simpler overall experience. With the photo zooming feature, you can just hover over any picture and it will enlarge, saving you a ton of clicks when you’re stalking scrolling through someone’s photo albums.

Add Music to Your Facebook Page

Add music to your Facebook page

One of MySpace’s better features was the ability to play music on one’s profile. With the playlist function, you can now also add a wide variety of great music to your page.

Facebook Symbols

Facebook Symbols

You can now add all the flair you want to your status updates with all kinds of different symbols. Rather than be stuck updating your page in the same way as everyone else, add some flair with text effects or something from the vast symbol gallery.

What is Your Favorite Facebook Extra?

Whether it’s the Facebook dislike button or a chance to completely customize the look of your Facebook page, there are plenty of ways you can take a generic profile and turn it into something unique and fun.

What is your favorite extra to use with your Facebook themes?

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