Google Chrome, like the other major browsers, is great when it comes to updates and new features. It seems like every time you open it, you are greeted with a slew of new bells and whistles. With so many consistent changes and updates, though, some are bound to not catch your fancy. In fact, you – and plenty of other users – might just downright not like some of them.

Such is the case with the latest update to Chrome’s New Tab page, apparently.

Rather than being a quick access point for everything you like about Chrome – including synced tabs from other devices – it looks more like a stripped-down version of the Google search engine itself. For instance, there is a Google search bar located in the middle of the New Tab page which, when used, displays what you’re typing in the address bar, perhaps as a way to show novice users how to best utilize the search function in Chrome.

Chrome's New Tab Page
Chrome’s New Tab Page

You can also get to Google+, Gmail and Google Images easily through the New Tab page, but users would likely gladly switch that for easier access to their favorite installed apps and websites.

There is good news, though!

If you just can’t stand the updated New Tab page design, you can change it back to the way it was.

Computerworld lays it out in four simple steps:

  1. Type chrome://flags into the browser’s address bar.
  2. Search for the option labeled “Enable Instant Extended API.”
  3. Change its setting from “Default” to “Disabled.”

Default Chrome new tab page

or on a Mac

Enable Instant Extended API - Chrome

  1. Restart your browser.

Just like that, you’ll be back to enjoying the New Tab page design you know and love.

Old New Tab Page for Chrome
Old New Tab Page for Chrome

Chrome’s New Tab Page – Change the Design

Maybe you’re just tired of looking at the blank white background of Chrome’s New Tab page. If you want to spice that up, there’s an easy way to do that, too. With Brand Thunder’s Chrome themes, we give you a full library of great ways to decorate your entire browser, including the New Tab page.

All you have to do is find a theme you want in our gallery and click on the “Free Download” button.

Three steps later and your Chrome browser will have an amazing new look:

  1. You might get a warning as the download begins – click the arrow and choose “Keep.” Only download .exe files from trusted sources!
  2. Click the downloaded file name at the bottom of your Chrome browser to start the installation.
  3. You might need to manually restart Chrome after the theme is installed.

New Tab Page Chrome - Install

That’s all it takes! Plus, the finished product could look a little something like this:

Chrome's New Tab Page Design

or this

New York Yankees New Tab Page

or even this…

Goblins Comic New Tab Design

The design possibilities are endless with Google Chrome themes and new tab page designs. So in addition to changing back to the original new tab page for Chrome, feel free to spice up the look as well with a new theme! Get started —>

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