This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his Dolphin browser theme creation. Gambat dresses up the browser with an image of a Dolphin jumping out of the water into the air and on its way into the water once again. The scene is in the evening as the sun is starting to set in the background with a orange-ish hue to the evening sky. Some high almost cumulonimbus clouds grace the sky as if to infer an evening storm approaching. This is a great theme for animal lovers and those wanting to spice up their Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers with a professional looking browser theme. Nice work Gambat! In addition to the Dolphin browser theme, we have listed some of the other top themes of the week including several that hint at the upcoming Summer season!

Dolphin Browser Theme

Dolphin Browser Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Joy of Summer Sunshine

Joy of Summer Sunshine Browser Theme

Butterflies in Summer

Butterflies of Summer Browser Theme

Hope, Beat Cancer

Hope Beat Cancer Theme

Star Sky

Star Sky Theme

Deli Kurt

Deli Kurt! Theme

United States Eagle

United States Eagle Theme

A Simple Spring Theme

A simple Spring Theme

Sunshine on Summer Leaves

Sunshine on Summer Leaves Theme

Green Skull Face Off Theme

Green Skull Face Off

Enfance Theme

Enfance Browser Theme

White Cockatoo

White Cockatoo

Red Sun theme

Red Sun Browser Theme

Panier d’Oranges

Panier d'oranges theme

Create Your Own Theme

Thanks to all the theme designers for creating these amazing browser themes over the past week in our browser theme gallery. These designs were created for free from fans using our free browser theme tool, Using BT:Engage, fans can upload their images, create their own designs and add interactive elements within their theme for thousands of fans from around the world to enjoy. The Brand Thunder gallery receives thousands of visitors a day from browser theme fans around the world. Showcase your theme in our gallery and get a chance to have your theme showcased on our blog and social media accounts as the “Theme of the Week”!

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