Having pride for one’s country is one of the most universal qualities there is. And with the ability to customize one’s browser however one wants, it’s no surprise that so many users love decorating their own with the flag and colors of their country. From World Cup matches to the Olympics, people want to show their pride with a browser theme that represents their country.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite patriotic browser themes, specifically for Firefox. We’re curious, though: what is the most patriotic nation in the world?

Independence Day

Independence Day Theme

Speaking of patriotism, the holy day for American patriotism is on July 4th. Just look at this epic patriotic browser theme – how could you not love it?

Flag of Canada Firefox Theme

Flag of Canada Firefox Theme

Oh, Canada, home of hockey and awesome astronaut Chris Hadfield. If you are a Canadian, there are plenty of things to be proud for, and this Canadian flag theme will do just the trick in helping you display that pride.

Flag of Brazil Firefox Theme

Flag of Brazil

With the best soccer on the planet, Brazil really has plenty to be gloating about. Plus, the country (the fifth-largest in the world) is hosting the 2014 World Cup, meaning all eyes will be on it next year.

Flag of Great Britain Firefox Theme

Great Britain Flag Theme

It’s staggering to think about the incredible, deep history of Great Britain. Everyone should have the opportunity to visit it at some point, from the metropolis that is London to Scotland’s tremendous coasts.

Flag of Italy Firefox Theme

Flag of Italy Firefox theme

Italians are fiery and passionate, so it only makes sense that they would want a Firefox theme to properly display their pride at all times.

Flag of New Zealand Firefox Theme

Flag of New Zealand Theme

If you are filming an adventure movie that requires epic scenery, just go to New Zealand! With quite possibly the best landscape in the entire world, everyone should visit New Zealand at some point.

Flag of Israel Firefox Theme

Flag of Israel

Of all the countries we talk about, none might have more reason to be proud and patriotic than Israel. This is a Firefox theme that carries with it plenty of history and significance, and it’s important to recognize that.

USA Patriotism

USA Patriotism

Americans are nothing if not tremendously patriotic. With a flowing flag and soaring bald eagle, this is a country Firefox theme that might just bring a tear to every American’s eye.

Memorial Day US Flag

Memorial Day USA Flag

Honor those who have served the United States with the OFFICIAL Firefox theme for Memorial Day. This theme not only shows your USA pride, but provides users quick access to the top sites that give back to those who have served the USA.

Make Your Own Patriotic Browser Themes for Firefox

If you are feeling particularly patriotic, and can’t seem to find a theme that really captures your feelings, don’t worry. You can create your own country flag theme with BT:Engage in just a few short minutes. Create your own patriotic browser theme and share it with the rest of the world! What country would you like to see above that’s not listed? Let us know and maybe we’ll create it!

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