safari fingerprint biometricsThe concept of biometrics – in regards to recognizing an individual through his or her fingerprint – is something that has intrigued software companies for quite some time. And now, Apple appears to be implementing the long-rumored biometric feature into the upcoming iOS7.

This speculation comes from a potential snippet of code from the operating system’s beta release which seems to indicate that this fingerprint technology will be present.

What Could This Mean for the Mobile Safari Browser?

There are, of course, a number of ways in which biometrics could be used on a mobile device, and most of them revolve around saving a user time, which is something we can all appreciate, right?

In the case of Safari’s mobile browser, the possibilities could range from replacing system passwords and increasing website accessibility to easily making online payments for purchases (especially through the Apple’s own iTunes store). And on the phone itself, a simple fingerprint could even potentially replace the swiping motion or entering of a password in order to unlock one’s phone.

In other words, if this leaked snippet of code proves to be a sign of things to come, iOS7 is going to be revolutionary.

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