google chrome in handsGoogle released Chrome 29 to the public this week and, as always, it is full of a variety of features that are meant to make one’s experience with the browser better than ever.

In this newest version, Chrome has incorporated things such as:

  • An updated Omnibox, which now provides suggestions based on recent sites you have visited
  • The ability to reset one’s profile settings back to their original state (extensions will be deleted, but you will be able to keep your bookmarks, themes and apps)
  • Stability and performance improvements, including 25 security fixes
  • Many new apps and extension APIs

In the mobile world, Chrome now offers mobile support for WebRTC, which is a plugin-free way of using voice and video communications directly in the browser.

Be sure to read more about Chrome 29’s release.

Chrome 29 Themes

New browser? Why not download a new browser theme to go with it? Check out a few of our favorite Chrome 29 compatible themes below:

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Chrome Theme

A new, updated browser pairs perfectly with the new football season, full of promise and high hopes for every team (well, almost every one). The San Francisco 49ers came oh-so-close in last seasons’ Super Bowl, and look to make another run in 2013, making this a particularly compelling Chrome 29 theme.

The Huffington Post

Huffington Post Chrome

Stay up-to-date with your favorite news source, thanks to an integrated news ticker and ability to turn the theme into its own toolbar for minimal reading. When you want to impress your friends with your knowledge of current events, or you simply want to avoid doing any work for a while, this is the theme for you.

Kansas State

Kansas State Chrome Theme

School is back in session! Whether you’re an incoming freshman or an eighth-year senior just “figuring out life,” this college Chrome theme will always showcase the pride you have in your school. Even better, it provides easy access to the latest news about Wildcats athletics, links to Facebook and Twitter and more.

Machine Gun Kelly


The Cleveland-raised rapper makes headlines for a lot of “interesting” reasons, but he backs it up with a flow that puts him at the top of the rap game. With each outrageous sold-out show, fans clamor for a new studio album. Until then, those same fans can follow his every move with this Chrome 29 theme.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates Chrome Theme

The Pittsburgh Pirates are on the cusp of making the playoffs for the first time in two decades – if that isn’t enough to make fans flock to this Chrome 29 theme, nothing will be.

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