Chrome 27Like most browser updates, the release of Chrome 27 comes with a host of new features and improvements. Most notable is the five percent increase in the speed of page loads. For a browser that already loads its pages fast, this is just icing on the cake.

Google attributes the speed increase to “smarter behind-the-scenes resource scheduling,” and The Next Web says that “the scheduler more aggressively uses an idle connection and demotes the priority of preloaded resources so that they don’t interfere with critical assets.”

Another big Chrome 27 development is the introduction of the Sync FileSystem API, which will automatically synchronize and save stored data among clients through Google Drive. Improved prediction-ranking and spell correction, along with improvements to Omnibox, round out the major enhancements to Chrome 27.

For the speech-oriented search enthusiasts, you will be happy to know that Chrome 27 also has a speech function, which can be accessed through a little microphone in the right of the search box. A voice will even give you a quick description of your search topic when the results page appears.

Speak now search Google 27
Speak now search Google 27

Of course, the newest version of Chrome also comes with a variety of bug fixes (Google spent $14,633.70 on bug bounties this round) and three more fixed security bugs.

Chrome 27 can be downloaded through Google’s site or in the browser’s built-in silent updater.

Download a New Chrome 27 Theme

There’s no better way to christen a new and improved browser than with a brand-new browser theme. Brand Thunder is home to a vast – and growing – library of Chrome themes, all of which are compatible with the Chrome 27 upgrade.

Take a look below at a few of our favorite Chrome 27 themes:

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly Theme

If you don’t know who Machine Gun Kelly (or “MGK”) is, there is a good chance you will soon. The Cleveland-area rapper has blown up in the last couple of years and is poised to have more breakout success. His close-knit fans, utilizing the “Lace Up” motto, follow him religiously, and this theme gives you the chance to get tweets from MGK himself, connect with some of those other die-hard fans and much more.

FB Theme

facebook theme for chrome

When you can’t stand the thought of pulling away from Facebook, we have a Chrome 27 theme that makes sure you never have to. With this Facebook browser theme, you can check your feed and messages, create posts, look at photos and more. In other words, it’s all the features of Facebook no matter where you go in your browser.

Major League Baseball

Cleveland Indians theme chrome

Brand Thunder is your home for all 30 official MLB Chrome 27 themes. You can keep up on all of the latest scores, news, videos and more for your favorite team, though no bonus points are awarded if you download the theme of a team that is going through a particularly tough time (we’re looking at you, Marlins fans).

NASA Interactive Theme

NASA Space Chrome

Feed your curiosity and appreciation for space with this NASA browser theme, which not only gives you three overall theme design choices, but the latest news from NASA, along with mind-blowing videos and photos in a media sidebar. For the space aficionados, this is a must-have Chrome theme.

University of Alabama

University of Alabama Chrome Theme

There are few things more gratifying than supporting one’s college or university, especially when it has a national championship-caliber team in any sport. For Alabama fans, they’ve entered another golden age with their football team, making this a particularly hot Chrome 27 theme. Better yet, we’ve got the browser themes for a wide variety of other colleges and universities as well.

More Chrome 27 News

Find More Chrome 27 Themes

Brand Thunder is home to all kinds of Chrome 27 themes. No matter your interest, you are bound to find something that will interest you and make your browser look better than ever. Take a look through our Chrome Theme library today!

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