Google Chrome is updating its product again, silently. but it’s making a lot of noise in the browser community.

Here are the steps you need to take to protect your favorite browser theme. And if you want a reminder about this when Chrome 25 launches, tell us how to reach you on this page:

Step 1

When you see this screen shown in Image 1 suddenly appear in your browser one day, take action! Click the Extension Settings immediately.


Step 2

On the Extension Settings tab, look for the name of your browser theme. You need to check the Enable box to continue to enjoy the full theme experience.

Enable Your Theme
Image 2: Enable Your Theme (apologies to Mets & Sox fans for the sample image)

 Step 3

Get back to browsing! Sorry for the extra steps. It shouldn’t be this difficult for you to enjoy a deeper connection with the teams, artists and sites you love.

Don’t Miss Out

Brand Thunder themes are more than just a pretty picture. We integrate news, content, contests, prizes and more within the themes we build for some of the top names across all industries.

Want inside information from your favorite music artist or sports team? It’s in the theme, but only if you reactivate the extension after Google turns it off.

The Back Story

What was Google thinking when they broke the Internet? They were well intentioned. There are some bad people on the Internet and they’ll do strange things to distribute malware across computers. Google is convinced disabling extensions will be a good thing, even if it hurts a lot of others in the process.

Independent publishers are some of those getting hurt. Google doesn’t allow the installation of complex products like Brand Thunder’s themes. As a result, we publish our themes through the sites of our clients – outside of the Chrome Web Store – and that’s not what Google wants. Brand Thunder makes money through advertising, just like Google. Every Brand Thunder theme is equipped with the tools to opt out of any and all of our advertising. You can’t do that on Google.

Yet, the Chrome browser is theirs, as is the Chrome Web Store, so they get to make the rules. Regardless of who those rules favor.

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