Firefox 19 Themes Blog postMozilla has recently released Firefox 19 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, unleashing a number of new features to its faithful users. The most notable enhancements to the browser include a built-in PDF viewer and faster start-up times (i.e. constantly clicking on the Firefox logo so it will load will now only result in one window opening).

Web developers will also enjoy the fact that there are a variety of new CSS features in Firefox 19, from @page and full width text transforms to the new viewport percentage units.

On the mobile side of things, users should be thrilled to know that the new Firefox 19 features also include theme support, which allows for plenty of customization on other devices. And now that Firefox 19’s minimum mobile requirements include 512 MB of RAM and 600 MHz processers, tens of millions of people will now have access to the browser.

Get Firefox 19 Themes

What better way to celebrate your new, improved browser than with a fresh look? Though our gallery is full of just about anything you can imagine, we’ve listed a few of our favorite Firefox 19 themes below.

San Antonio Spurs


Once again, the Spurs are quietly dominating the entire NBA. While teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat get all the attention, San Antonio is gearing up for another big playoff run with its aging superstars.

Easter Firefox Theme

Easter Firefox theme

With February in the rearview mirror, Easter is now quickly approaching and you can celebrate it with this colorful Firefox 19 theme. Send eCards, shop for gifts, watch videos and more as you get ready for this great holiday.

Bracket Madness

March Madness Bracket Theme

The arrival of March means a lot of things, but there are few things more important than March Madness. If you’re excited for the NCAA Tournament (which you definitely should be), this theme gives you everything you need: the latest team news, quick access to the brackets and teams, videos in the media sidebar and more.


TWitter browser theme for firefox

If you’re a Twitter addict, Firefox 19 themes don’t get much better than this. With TweetTheme, you get your full Twitter stream in the sidebar and the ability to quickly share any web page you visit. What’s not to like?

Beach Sunset

Beach Sunset Firefox Theme

Some of us are still getting hit with snow, while others are dealing with freezing rain and all-around nasty, windy and cold weather. But don’t worry, because summer will be here…eventually. Keep reminding yourself of that with this hot-looking theme.

Chicago Blackhawks for Firefox 19

Blackhawks Firefox 19

The Chicago Blackhawks are on an absolute tear right now, setting the record for most consecutive games with a point to begin a season. But what really matters is the end – will the Blackhawks be hoisting the Stanley Cup when it’s all said and done?

More Firefox 19 News

If you want to learn more about Firefox 19 features and what they mean for you, be sure to check out the links below:

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