When it comes to patriotism, Americans do it right, especially on the Fourth of July. For Independence Day, barbecues are enjoyed all across the country, baseball is played, fireworks are set off and everyone enjoys time with family and friends while being reminded of the sacrifices given in order to have a day like that.

To help celebrate, we’ve included some of our favorite USA themes below, covering everything that has to do with the patriotism of this great country.

Chrome USA Themes

USA Flag Theme for Chrome

Chrome USA theme

This American flag Chrome theme gives off a great worn, rustic feeling, like it was taken right from the days of World War II. No matter the struggle, the flag survives.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle Chrome Theme

The USA’s national bird symbol, the bald eagle, is fierce and majestic with a range that spans the entire country, Alaska, most of Canada and parts of Mexico. Though endangered, this bird is a symbol for the tenacity of a relatively young country that has risen to be a world power.

Watermelon Chrome

Watermelon Chrome Theme

There are few things more American – especially on the Fourth of July – than a good cookout, followed by some fresh fruit. Enjoy the holiday and summer with this watermelon USA Chrome theme.

baseball browser theme

What could possibly be more American than baseball? In the spirit of our national pastime and the Fourth of July, you can download the official browser themes of all 30 Major League Baseball clubs.

Firefox and Internet Explorer USA Themes

July 4th – Independence Day

Independence Day Browser Theme

Fireworks and the Fourth of July go hand-in-hand, and this patriotic Firefox theme displays a colorful array of them, along with an image of the Statue of Liberty. With quick access to Facebook and Twitter, along with a video sidebar to really get you in the holiday mood, this is a perfect browser theme for Independence Day.

Flying Strong and Proud

Flying Strong and Proud USA flag

During our most heated conflicts and in the face of all adversity, the American flag has always stood tall. Now, with this great theme, you can show your support for the symbol of freedom whenever you want.

Stars and Stripes Forever

Flying proud USA flag

Here is another American flag browser theme that also includes the beauty of an array of fireworks. With the fireworks exploding in your browser and the flag soaring next to them, this theme can act as a reminder of the sacrifices made to ensure our freedom.

Independence Day

Independence Day Theme

Have you ever seen anything more patriotic, or anything that screams “America!” louder than this theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer?

Independence Day Movie Theme

Independence Day Movie Browser Theme

Is it even possible to not like this movie? While it has more to do with an alien invasion than celebrating the Fourth of July, you can never pass up a chance to mention this masterpiece from the 90s.

 4th of July theme

Just about everything that has to do with American patriotism can be found in this Firefox theme: exploding fireworks, the majestic Statue of Liberty, flowing American flags and a bald eagle. This might be the quintessential USA theme.

Create Your Own USA Browser Theme

If you are feeling particularly patriotic and can’t seem to find a browser theme that perfectly encapsulates those feelings, you’re in luck, because BT:Engage from Brand Thunder allows you to create your very own browser theme.

Check out BT:Engage today and create your own USA theme!

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