With so much happening in that span, it sure doesn’t feel like Google Chrome is already five years old. But sure enough, the browser celebrated its fifth birthday this week.

How Has Chrome Done It?

When it was released, Chrome was entering a market that was dominated by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (holding 72 percent of the market share), with Mozilla Firefox remaining a worthy competitor at 20 percent.

Now, it depends on who you ask as some report that Chrome has toppled IE, but no matter what the actual market share number is (IE now hovers somewhere around 50 percent), there is no denying that Chrome has put a huge dent in what was once Microsoft’s browser empire.

Google did it through a number of exceptional features, including:

  • Blazing browser speed
  • A dedication to extensions that enhance one’s online experience
  • Industry-leading security
  • The New Tab Page design
  • Huge support for web developers
  • The Chromium open source project
  • Regular updates that routinely introduce new, innovative features (such as “Incognito” mode, automatic page translation, sandboxing, Native Client and supporting a wide variety of Web technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, WebRTC and more)

Amazingly, Chrome is still an incredibly fast, simple and secure browser to use. And as Google continues to bring innovations (such as the Chrome operating system and Chrome OS laptops) to what is now one of its most successful products, the browser is sure to become even more popular in the next five years and beyond.

Happy birthday, Chrome!

Celebrate Your Favorite Browser’s Birthday with a New Birthday Chrome Theme

What better way to celebrate the birthday of your favorite browser than by giving it a sleek, new, celebratory look? Here are a few birthday Chrome themes to get the party started:

New Year Celebration Theme

Though only five years old, Google Chrome is already one of the most innovative, popular and important web browsers in the world. One can only imagine what will be developed in the next five years, but it sure is exciting. Toast to the future of web browsing with this celebration Chrome theme!

Happy Birthday Chrome Theme

Maybe you have some unresolved romantic feelings towards Chrome. If that’s the case, this might be the birthday browser theme to download.

Happy Birthday Google Chrome

The best present you could give Chrome would probably be convincing everybody you know (especially your parents, who might not be as embedded in the world of web browsers as you) to start using the browser.

Birthday Wishes Come True

The executives and developers at Google have probably been blowing out a lot of candles this week, and their biggest wish (they’ve likely got more money than they know what to do with) has likely been that, one day, they’ll all wake up and Chrome will be the undisputed king of web browsers. In a few years, that might just become a reality.

Chrome Fireworks Theme

The fireworks for Google Chrome have been going off since its initial release, thanks to a constant slew of updates and new features that, for the most part, have been celebrated all over the world.

More Chrome Themes

Maybe the birthday cakes and candles or fireworks aren’t your cup of tea. Celebrate any way you want with your own Google Chrome theme from the Brand Thunder gallery. Choose from hundreds of custom branded browser themes from your favorite sports teams, pop star icons like Kelly Clarkson, holidays, entertainment and hundreds more. One of the most popular Chrome themes over the past 5 years has been our Major League Baseball themes and generic themes like NEON lights. Take a look:

Chicago Cubs Chrome Theme

NEON Chrome Theme

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