chrome-firefox-ie-safariThere are a few questions that pervade the browser world on a daily basis. How is Internet Explorer still so popular? When will Apple Safari begin to lose its mobile dominance to other companies? What are the most development-friendly browsers? Which are the safest, the fastest, etc.? In the latest browser news roundup, some of those questions are nearly answered and, as always, it is also full of news surrounding new features and releases. Users continue to reap the benefits of competing browsers, which is a beautiful thing.

Google Chrome News

– Dedicated Microsoft Office users who utilize the Chrome OS can now breathe a sigh of relief, as Google has allowed those users to begin experimenting with editing Microsoft Word and Excel files. It’s brand new, and users have to go through the dev channel to access it, so it might not exactly be smooth sailing at first but still, it’s a step in the right direction. PowerPoint is not yet supported, though it seems likely in the near future.

– In another dev channel development, Google has also introduced its VP9 video codec, which means this updated video compression technology could be available to all users by the end of the year.

Mozilla Firefox News

Firefox is now officially a part of the smartphone world, having released the new Firefox OS in Spain through the ZTE Open and Alcatel OneTouch Fire devices. Though the focus right now is on emerging markets like Spain, Poland, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil, the Firefox OS figures to eventually find itself in the United States, especially since developers are able to create open HTML 5 apps right away.

– Speaking of Firefox OS, a tablet that utilizes the operating system should be coming “ASAP.”

Internet Explorer News

When it comes to browser market share, the numbers are always up for interpretation, and this particular graph is no exception. However, it is interesting to note that, on weekends, Internet Explorer usage dips while Google Chrome experiences a spike. This only furthers the notion that many of us are using IE simply because our jobs force us to do so.

– The concept of collaborative playlist creation is cool, and Internet Explorer is teaming up with Nokia Music to try and make it happen. With Mix Party (and an Xbox with Xbox Live and the accompanying smartphone app), users can vote on what songs play next in a playlist simply by scanning a QR code

Apple Safari News

It’s not much of a surprise that rival browsers have begun cutting into Safari’s mobile dominance; it continues to be a major focus of the industry as smartphones and tablets become more popular by the day. However, Safari still captured 58 percent of usage in June.

– If you remember Pixa, then you’ll love the news that an extension for it is now available on both Safari and Chrome. If you don’t know Pixa, you might want to get acquainted, because it’s a great imaging tool.

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