With so many Chrome themes out there, the options for how you can deck out your browser are limitless. From movies and celebrities to sprawling scenes of nature, space and more, the categories of browser themes form a tremendous spectrum.

But what if you like things simple?

There are plenty of solid color Chrome themes out there for users looking for something a little more simplistic. However, each color represents a wide range of moods, emotions and characteristics. Which color best suits you?

Red Chrome Theme

Red Google Chrome Theme

Not surprisingly, the color red can signify things like romance, love and friendship, but it can also represent anger and rage (which sometimes comes after things like love and romance). This is the color of courage and leadership, so maybe a red Chrome theme is just what you need to take that next big step in life.

Orange Chrome Theme

Orange Google Chrome Theme

Luckily for orange, it’s not as aggressive as the color red. It represents a number of other things, including happiness, enthusiasm, success, encouragement and more. Perhaps most importantly, orange stimulates mental activity, so if you’ve got a project that needs finishing and you want some extra motivation, the orange Chrome theme is for you.

Yellow Chrome Theme

Yellow Chrome Theme

Yellow is all about making sure you feel the warmth. It evokes pleasant, cheerful feelings and even intellect. With all of its lightheartedness, this yellow Chrome theme might be perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

Green Chrome Theme

Green Chrome Theme

A combination of blue and green, teal brings emotional stability and balance to a person, thanks to the tranquility of blue and the healing power of green. When you need a little more calmness in your life, this soft teal Chrome theme is the way to go.

Purple Chrome Theme

Purple Chrome Theme Google

If you’re feeling particularly regal, then a purple Chrome theme might just be for you. This is a color that represents power, nobility and ambition, but it also stands for wisdom, dignity, creativity, magic and more. In other words, purple is awesome and we should all love it.

Rainbow Chrome Theme

Rainbow Colors Chrome Theme

Can’t decide which color you want to represent you? Or maybe you’re just a fan of everything? With this great rainbow Chrome theme, you really can’t go wrong.

More Solid Color Chrome Themes

Try Some Patterned Themes Too

Of course, some of us just can’t stay away from adding a little extra flair to our browsers. For those of us who need a little texture, here are some patterned browser themes to try out as well:

Transparent Theme

Transparent Clear Theme

This transparent browser theme offers a little bit of texture to your browser, and just enough depth for those of you out there who crave it.

Wood Browser Theme

Wood Browser Theme

Maybe you’re like Kramer and you want to surround yourself with wood paneling. If that’s the case, this wood-influenced browser theme is perfect.

Plaid Style Theme

Plaid Browser Theme

In an increasingly hipster world, plaid is making quite the comeback. And now, you can deck out your browser just like an argyle sweater. Pretty soon, it’ll be listening to bands you’ve never heard of and only drinking fair trade coffee.

Brushed Metal

Brushed Metal Theme

This brushed metal browser theme gives your browser a more industrial, futuristic and mechanical look, which might help your cause when the machines finally take over. Maybe.

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