This week’s browser “theme of the week” comes from Firefox Persona designer “Madonna” and her Bird on a Sunflower Firefox and Internet Explorer theme. We know from browser theme design that designing on top of a browser can provide some challenges in terms of where graphics and images are located. For example, depending on where you put your main graphics or logos, the images may get blocked by the URL bar, search bar or other browser features. Madonna is an experienced browser theme designer and it shows with this week’s creation. The bird is perched atop a beautifully bloomed Sunflower which is aligned towards the very right hand side of the theme. The greenish faux finish background provides a nice soothing background that livens up your browser but doesn’t distract much from the rest of the theme. The background actually helps to compliment the Sunflower image on the right hand side of the browser. Subtle simplicity is the key in much of browser theme design and Madonna has done this beautifully.

Bird on a Sunflower

Bird on Sunflower Browser Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Flower Fractal Fantasy

Flower Fractal Fancy

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Theme

John Wells Entertainment

John wells Entertainment Theme

Fresh Flowers Blue

Fresh Flowers Blue

Coffee with Cream

Coffee with Cream Theme



Purple Watercolor

Purple Watercolor

Create the “Theme of the Week”

Each of these themes were created using our free browser theme tool, It literally takes 5 minutes to create your own theme or a bit longer if you want to make it just right but the ability to create your own theme has never been easier. Simply sign up for a free account, choose your background images or colors, upload any images you might have from your own personal designs, and align the images on your theme. You’ll have your own Firefox and Internet Explorer browser theme to showcase to your friends, family and the world! Thousands of visitors navigate to our browser theme gallery every day and will likely chose the themes they like the best. Get started:

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