The browser “Theme of the Week” this week comes from Firefox Persona designer “Gambat” and his creation called “Anime Girl”. Anime browser themes are some of the most popular themes month after month. In fact, we just wrote a blog post about the prevalence of Anime themes and some of the top designs out there for browser themes. The Anime Girl theme captures the essence of all things Anime with the patented exaggerated expressions, large eyes and distinct animated design. This theme features a colorful background with what appears to be a pink-ish blossom surrounding the girl in the background. Excellent design and a colorful browser theme for your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser:

Anime Girl

Anime Girl Browser Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

First Daisy of Spring

First Day of Spring Browser Theme

Circle of Colors

Circle of Colors Browser


skrillex browser theme

Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt Browser Theme

Blue Cat Theme

Blue Cat Browser Theme

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8

Sailing Theme


Luna Theme

Luna Theme

I Like Green Theme

I like Green Theme

Create Your Own Theme

If you like these themes and the others in our theme gallery, consider creating your own distinct browser theme with your own design. These themes were all created using Brand Thunder’s browser theme tool,, which allows anyone to create their own browser theme design in less than 5 minutes. Users simply upload their graphics and designs, place theme where they’d like them, add social media buttons and then publish the themes to our gallery. Every week we choose some of the best designs to be featured to thousands of browser theme fans from around the world.

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