This week’s Firefox and Internet Explorer “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his Amazing Butterfly browser theme. This fantasy inspired theme showcases a brilliant mix of colors and graphics with the “amazing butterfly” right in the center of the browser theme. The yellow-ish butterfly flaps its wings in a seemingly fantasy world of beauty. The darker greens, grays, and blues provide a nice backdrop to the brighter yellow butterfly. Fans of nature, butterflies and just great design will love this “amazing butterfly” theme for their browser. Get it here:

Amazing Butterfly

amazing Butterfly Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Cuteness & Godness Anime

Cuteness and Godness Theme

Kitten So Sweet

Kitten So Sweet Browser theme


Gears Browser theme

Poppy Bright

Poppy Bright Browser Theme

Alliance Theme

Alliance Browser Theme

Work Yuki Says!

Work Yuki Says! Theme

Bloody Tears

Bloody Tears Browser Theme

Atlanta Commercial Art

Atlanta Commercial Art Theme

Create the “Theme of the Week”

Each one of these themes created above was created by our fans, for our fans! You don’t have to be a designer or a theme designer to create these amazing themes. Simply sign up for a free account at our free theme tool:, and start creating your very own browser theme. It’s as easy as adding your own background colors and graphics and hitting publish. In minutes you’ll have your very own theme designed the way you want it.

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