The world of anime is extremely popular, and can be found in everything from comic books to television shows and feature films. With a distinct style and mode of storytelling, anime’s influence only continues to grow.

While the look and feel of anime may differ from artist to artist and studio to studio, there are some general visual characteristics that are prevalent in almost any form of it, most notably character design (think large eyes and some exaggerated expressions – if you watch anime, you know the “sweat drop”).

Sea Anime

If you’re an anime fanatic, there are a ton of anime themes out there that will help you deck out your entire browser in great colors and characters. Whether you’re looking for Anime Chrome themes or ones for Firefox, Internet Explorer and more, you’re bound to find exactly what you want.

Anime Chrome Themes

Sailor Moon Anime Theme

Sailor Moon Anime Theme

Any anime fan will remember Sailor Moon, which started out as a manga series and grew into a hugely popular anime television series. It continues to be one of the most popular series out there, despite ending its original television run in 1997.

Pokémon Chrome Theme

Pokemon Chrome theme

It doesn’t matter if you’re an anime fan or not – there is no doubt that you know what Pokémon is. The worldwide phenomenon has dominated video games, television, movies, comics and more for years, as its ever-expanding universe continues to draw in new fans. At Brand Thunder, we’ve got a soft spot for the original 150 Pokémon, though.

Ashitaka and Yakul

Ashitaka and Yakul Anime

Princess Mononoke is one of the best anime films ever made, and this anime Chrome theme celebrates the characters of Ashitaka and Yakul. If there was ever a movie that would get you into anime filmmaking, Princess Mononoke would be it.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop Anime

Cowboy Bebop is considered one of the greatest anime shows of all-time, as it racked up plenty of awards and critical acclaim during its run. It was the first anime show to be broadcast on Adult Swim in the United States, which only helped its global popularity expand (and is the reason so many of us will recognize this anime Chrome theme).

Anime Firefox and Internet Explorer Themes

Anime-Inspired Browser Theme

Anime-Inspired Theme

This is a bit of a different take on the anime style, and is a great example of how the term “anime” can encompass a variety of animations and techniques. If you’re looking for an anime browser theme with a little bit of a twist, this is perfect.

Purple Anime

Purple Anime Theme

Anime is known for emphasizing all kinds of bright colors, and this anime Firefox theme (which is also available for Internet Explorer) is certainly no exception, as it accents the color purple.

Anime Eyes

Anime Eyes Firefox Theme

This anime Firefox/Internet Explorer theme emphasizes one of the most important features of anime: exaggerated eyes. While other artistic styles may come into play throughout anime, large eyes are one of the most common features of these characters.

Sweet Anime Face

Sweet Anime Face Theme

Here is another theme that emphasizes the eyes of anime characters. Inspired by Western culture and animated characters such as Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse, the large eyes of anime characters have truly become synonymous with the art form.

Anime Girl Theme

Anime Girl Browser Theme

Sensing an overall theme here with these? There are many browser themes out there that celebrate the girls and women of anime, who are given all sorts of great, memorable roles in these unique stories.

Fantasy Anime

Fantasy Anime Firefox and Internet Explorer

Many forms of anime deal with some sort of fantasy element, which can certainly be wide-ranging. This particular anime theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer contains traces of that influence.

Build Your Own Anime Browser Themes

If you can’t seem to find an anime Firefox theme (or one for Internet Explorer) that perfectly encapsulates your love for your favorite show or movie, have no fear, because you are able to create your very own anime browser themes with BT:Engage.

No matter what you like, you can create an anime browser theme for it and share it with the online community. Be sure to check out BT:Engage today!

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