Firefox 18 blog postChances are, if you’re an avid Firefox user, you have now had some time to get used to Firefox 18 and all of its features. You might have also noticed by now its increased speed, which was a major aspect of the browser update. That is thanks to Firefox’s new JavaScript engine called IonMonkey, which provides a 25 percent boost in speed.

With some invaluable security fixes and support for Retina display resolutions, which offer a more enhanced viewing experience online, Firefox 18 features really cater to the users.

As Firefox 18 aims to compete on a performance level with the likes of Google Chrome, it’s still among the best when it comes to its selection of themes. Be sure to celebrate its release with the awesome Firefox 18 themes below.

Two Birds

Two Birds Firefox 18 theme

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now is the best time to deck out your browser with a lovey-dovey theme. This particular Firefox theme is for the lovebirds out there – you know who you are, going strong on the PDA.

Houston Astros

Houston Astros Firefox theme

February has another very special holiday in it as well: the return of baseball. Pitchers and catchers begin reporting during the month, setting in motion the long grind of the season. This year, we’re digging the Houston Astros’ return to an old-school look (along with their move to the American League).


Duke Blue Devils Theme

The college basketball season is in full swing right now and, naturally, the Duke Blue Devils are right at the top of the rankings. If you’re a fan of the team, be sure to show your support (as if you needed to be reminded) with this Firefox 18 theme.

Frosty Snowflakes

Frosty Snowflakes browser theme for Firefox

For many of us, the snow continues to fall and the temperature has only gotten colder. If you haven’t gotten sick of the weather yet, you might as well embrace it with a winter browser theme.

Movie Premiere

movie premiere firefox theme

For the movie industry, it’s awards season, which means it’s time to get that popcorn ready for Oscar night. Place bets on winners, try an Academy Awards drinking game (i.e. drink every time someone looks surprised to win) or just enjoy watching the best people in Hollywood pat each other on the back. Either way, it’s a great time!

Looking for More Firefox 18 Themes?

Are you looking for more Firefox 18 themes? Have no fear – Brand Thunder has a huge library of them and it only continues to grow. No matter what you’re looking for, we have it. If you still need more of a selection, Firefox’s own Personas gallery has a vast assortment of themes.

And if you feel compelled to create your own Firefox 18 theme (which you should, because it’s a lot of fun), be sure to check out BT:Engage, where you can create your very own Firefox or Internet Explorer theme.

Firefox 18 Features & Analysis

There were some updates to the new Firefox 18 and we have links to some of the top analysis and features from across the Web.

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