firefox appearance addonsSometimes, it’s easy to take for granted all the things a browser can do for us. But then you look at its extensions and add-ons and you are once again amazed at all of the tools, games and creative options you have at your disposal.

This certainly holds true for Firefox, as there is a huge library of add-ons for the browser that accomplish just about anything imaginable, from enhancing privacy and security to helping users better connect with their social media channels.

Of course, there are plenty of Firefox add-ons that also deal with the browser’s appearance. With so many customizable options, you can truly make the browser your own, tailored to your creative interests. Or maybe you just want to look at the weather forecast as much as humanly possible. You can definitely do that too.

We’ve put together eight of our favorite Firefox appearance add-ons – do you have any favorites?

Weather Firefox Add-on

weather firefox theme

This interactive add-on reflects current, local weather conditions and gives users an in-browser three-day forecast, along with a weather sidebar for the current conditions in one’s area. For those of us who love monitoring the weather every five seconds, this is the perfect Firefox add-on.

Turn Off the Lights

turn of the lights Firefox add on

Videos are easy to watch with this Firefox appearance add-on, as it dims the entire background of your browser so you can enjoy the video you’re watching without any distractions.

FB Theme

Facebook Firefox Addon

We all love Facebook, but if you feel an overwhelming need to have it within reach at all times, this Firefox add-on is your cure. With the ability to check your news feed, read and send messages, look at pictures, share posts and more, your browser will get the Facebook overhaul it so desperately needs.

New Tab King

new tab king add on

This great Firefox appearance add-on brings you a personalized launch pad to the sites you visit the most, along with quick access to recently closed tabs, suggested sites, a to-do list and more. You won’t find a better way to start off your browsing session than with New Tab King.


NASA Firefox Theme and Addon

There aren’t many better ways to enhance the appearance of your browser than with breathtaking images of space. With a NASA browser theme, your Firefox theme will be transported to a new frontier, while also helping you stay up-to-date with the U.S. space program. You’ll be able to choose from three different themes at any time: Earth, Hubble or the International Space Station.


Smooth Wheel Add-on

Whether you’re scrolling with the mouse wheel or your keyboard arrows, this is a functional Firefox add-on that allows for faster navigation, less disorientation and more. This actually makes true reading while scrolling possible, which will allow you to read much more online with ease.


Blackout FF addon

Staring at a computer screen is enough of a strain on the eyes when the lighting is good, so why put added stress on them by trying to look at a bright screen in the dark? This add-on helps out your eyes by turning the web page to a dark color scheme, which makes for much easier reading when light is hard to come by.

Wikipedia Spoiler Hider

Wikipedia Spoiler Hider

We are a world haunted by spoilers. No matter where we go or what we read, it seems that someone else is ready to spill the beans on the plot to a book, movie, television show or video game. With this add-on, though, Wikipedia users can effectively avoid ruining their lives from reading plot details to pop culture they haven’t yet consumed.

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