showroom tumblr themeWhen it comes to blogging, Tumblr is home to some of the most uniquely focused, off-the-wall and irreverent sites on the Internet. Of course, Tumblr blogs are also full of great writing and viewpoints. That is the glory of Tumblr. One minute, you’ll be mining through pages and pages of GIFs, and the next you’ll be reading an insightful argument about any topic you can imagine.

With such unique qualities, it’s no wonder that Tumblr themes mirror that diversity. Whether you want to showcase large, high-resolution photos or your own personal writing, there is a free Tumblr theme out there that will help make your blog look perfect. But if you truly want your blog to be eye-candy, you can consult the services of a blog designer.

** Brand Thunder has a Tumblr page here too! We chose a simple Tumblr look:

We’ve put together eight of our favorite free Tumblr themes, which you can find right in Tumblr’s theme gallery. These will be a great jumping-off point for your blog while you build an audience and start on the path to becoming the Internet celebrity you always knew you could be. Check out the Tumblr themes below. Which theme is your favorite? 

The Minimalist

minimalist tumblr theme

These days, less is always more. The Minimalist Tumblr theme allows for all post types (photos look especially good), custom colors and images, Disqus comments, localization, search and more. This is an especially good theme for any blogger looking to let his/her content do the talking, rather than a flashy theme. Those looking for just a simple Tumblr theme will love the minimalist theme.

Royal Cameleon

Royal Cameleon Tumblr Theme

While also simplistic, this is a Tumblr theme that offers hip textures and colors. With other custom colors and the ability to handle any post type, this is perfect for Tumblr users who want simplicity, but maybe just a pinch of vintage style.

Panda Classics Recycled

Panda Classics Tumblr

Writing the next Great American Novel through your blog? Give yourself a little inspiration with this vintage book cover theme. Tumblr themes are big on hip, retro styling, and this one is certainly no different.

Field Notes

Field Notes Tumblr Theme

Tumblr themes favor the adventurous; chronicle your own personal adventures with the Field Notes theme, which is full of great customizable features, including tags and the inclusion of your own Twitter feed.

Chunky Theme

Chunky Theme Tumblr

With a capacity for high-resolution posts and plenty of color – not to mention its columned layout – this is the perfect free Tumblr theme for the artists out there. Tumblr is a great place for showcasing your work (whether it be photos, drawings, comics, etc.), and this theme gets the job done in a great way.

Single A

Single A Tumblr

As far as free Tumblr themes go, Single A really gives serious bloggers everything they could possibly want, from the ability to handle any post type, customizable colors and images, group blog support and likes to newly-introduced sticky posts, featured posts and more. This theme looks and feels like a truly legitimate, well-built site, so if that’s what you are looking for, this is the way to go.

Postage Theme

Tumblr Postage Theme

The art of sending letters is lost in today’s e-based society. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blog theme that encapsulates that simpler, more personal time. Fancy yourself a world traveler, too? Then this is the perfect Tumblr theme for you.

Brutal Simplicity

Brutal Simplicity Theme

The name of this theme really says it all, doesn’t it? Tumblr is fantastic when it comes to posting high-resolution photos, and this particularly theme showcases that quality. Created by

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