If you’re doing any holiday shopping this year, some of it will undoubtedly be spent online. And after installing any of these Firefox shopping add-ons, you might just be doing all of your shopping online in 2013. Whether it’s price comparisons to give you the best deal, a shopping add-on that speeds up the browser itself, or price history charts to see if a better deal is coming, these Firefox extensions will make your life a whole lot easier.

The holiday shopping season doesn’t have to be a hectic, rip-your-hair-out experience. Do it from the comforts of your own home and take advantage of the best shopping Firefox add-ons!


Coupons Helper Firefox Addon

When it comes to holiday shopping, you want to try and get everything on your family and friends’ wish lists. With CouponsHelper, you might just be able to do that. The Firefox shopping add-on will automatically find coupon and shipping codes from thousands of retailers as you shop online, allowing you to take advantage of the very best deals. Just look for the flashing pink piggy and you’ll know you’re about to save some money.


Price Blink Firefox Shopping Addon

Like CouponsHelper, PriceBlink is all about making sure you find the lowest price on the items you’re shopping for online. This particular Firefox shopping extension will not only find coupons and free shipping codes, but it will scour more than 4,000 merchants to make sure you’ve found the best possible deal. PriceBlink is also unique in that it will factor in shipping costs along with its price comparison results.


FastestFox Firefox Shopping Addon

There is no time to waste when it comes to holiday shopping. Slow-loading sites, repetitive tasks, clicking around aimlessly to find what you need – these are all things that bog you down, frustrating you to the point of a full-blown holiday temper explosion. Thanks to FastestFox, you’ll save time by speeding up those repetitive tasks, getting faster, parallelized downloads, seeing definitions, auto-loading the next page, improving searching (including enhanced Google searches with related queries and results), getting image-based price comparisons, having the ability to download media on the web page and more.

The Camelizer

Camelizer Shopping Addon for Firefox

Shopping on sites like Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg is great because you’re able to find great deals on a wide range of products. But with the Camelizer, you’re given price history charts on specific product pages that will help you decide if the current price is good or not, based on historical data. You can also receive price drop alerts through email, Twitter or an RSS feed.

Give as You Live

Give as You Live Firefox Addon

This is a really great Firefox shopping extension for our friends in the UK. With the Give as You Live add-on, you can shop at more than 3,000 supported stores while also supporting any of the 200,000 charities in the UK. As you continue to shop, the add-on will turn, on average, 2.5% of every pound you spend online into funds for your favorite charities or causes. So every gift you buy online this holiday season will help support a cause most important to you, which is really what it’s all about, right?

Brand Thunder Price Comparison Engine & Theme

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our own shopping assistant through our Websearch+ enhancement. Each Brand Thunder browser theme is equipped with a wealth of shopping enhancements to help you find what you’re looking for faster and at the lowest price. Better yet, a portion of each qualified purchase you make goes to charity, so you can feel even better about those purchases you make!

  • The Websearch+ price comparison shows pricing for the products you’re interested in, discretely in the footer of your browser.
  • Search Enhancements – Our add-on provides contextually relevant results to your searches so you find what you’re looking for faster, not just the highest bidder buying ads.
  • Similar Products – The Websearch+ engine provides instant price comparisions and savings opportunities as you shop for similar products.

Just download any of our themes or the popular Christmas browser theme, and start saving on your holiday shopping this year and forever!


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