You love Chrome themes. You love how they spruce up the look of your browser, from eye-popping colors to images of your favorite sports teams, celebrities, hobbies, holidays and more. You love that they turn your ordinary browser into a display of something you love. So what’s even better than finding a Chrome theme that will make your browser look great? How about creating one of your own?

There are a number of Chrome theme creators out there to help people of all skill levels create their own browser themes. We’ve put together a list of our favorite Chrome theme creators, listing out their pros and cons to help you find the best one out there.



Canvas is the first extension that allows you to create your own photo gallery as your web browser wallpaper. When you open a new tab, you will see your personal photos. You can add and remove photos easily, making this the ultimate tool for browser customization. Canvas is a secure way to have pictures of the things you love visible throughout the day, and it will not slow down your browser.

To install this extension all you have to do is click Canvas while in Chrome. Download for free now!

ThemeBeta Chrome Maker

Pros: This is another simple Chrome theme creator, helping users create their own browser themes in just a few easy steps. Just about every aspect of the browser’s appearance – from the status bar and text to all of its buttons – can be customized, and once you’re finished, you have a number of options for what to do with your brand-new theme, including sharing your custom Chrome theme in ThemeBeta’s online gallery.

Cons: Some people will be turned off by the simplicity, and those without coding experience might not be able to make the theme look exactly as planned.


Google Chromizer

Chromizer Browser Theme Creator

Pros: Google Chrome theme creators just don’t get any easier than this. For Chromizer, you simply choose an image for your theme and upload it. That’s it – your theme is magically ready for your use. There is also a helpful video at the bottom of the page for users with any questions.

Cons: That’s just it, this is a very simple Chrome theme editor. This isn’t for anyone looking to do anything fancy with their new browser theme.


My Chrome Theme

Official Chrome Theme Maker from Google

Pros: This is Chrome’s official browser theme creator tool, so you know you’re getting something that will work well and give you a finished product to be proud of. Like other Chrome theme makers, this one asks you to upload an image for the background ofyour theme, followed by options to choose custom colors for the omnibox, tabs and any other remaining parts of the browser. Then, you can name your theme and install it on your own browser while sharing it with others through Google+ or a unique URL.

Cons: There really don’t seem to be any, unless you’re someone who doesn’t like installing Chrome extensions whatsoever. Also, naturally, the extension only offers the option to share the theme through Google+.

Visit: Google Chrome Theme Maker

Total Chrome Theme Maker

Total Chrome Theme Maker

Pros: Another browser extension for you to download, Total Chrome Theme Maker is a .crx theme editor that allows you to use .jpg images to reduce file sizes along with offering a lot more editable content than other builders like it. The extension has an exceptional color picker/tint tool and, according to its description, has a “sexy UI,” which, as it elaborates, isn’t vital to making a theme but is still nice to have.

Cons: If you’re not particularly experienced with the intricacies of code speak or design, this might be a harder .crx theme editor to navigate.

Visit: Informer Chrome Theme Maker

Don’t Want to Build Your Own Chrome Theme?

That’s cool, and you’re in luck, because you literally have an infinite number of great Chrome theme choices from some of the best galleries on the Internet. Brand Thunder has been creating custom Chrome Themes for years for some of the largest brands in the world like the Huffington Post, Universal Music, GoComics, MLB, NFL, NBA, CBS Sports and many many more. Feel free to contact us to create a theme for your brand or community.

Whatever your interest, there is a Chrome theme out there that matches it. Here are some of our popular Chrome themes:

Neon Lights Chrome Theme

Neon Lights Chrome

Christmas Rotating Gallery Theme

Christmas Chrome Theme

NASA Space Chrome Theme

Space Chrome Theme

More Resources for Creating Chrome Themes

We’ve provided a list of some of the top Chrome Theme Makers out there. But there are a number of tutorials and step by step instructions out there for creating your own.


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