chrome productivity extensionsStaying productive on the Internet can often be the hardest task of all. One minute you’re humming along on a project and the next, you decide to check your email just once. Then, you remember you haven’t seen your friend’s vacation photos yet on Facebook which, of course, leads you to start planning a vacation of your own, comparing hotel and flight prices.

After a while, when you’ve perused an online bookstore and purchased the perfect book to read on that vacation, you realize you’ve wasted two hours of time and are now woefully behind on work that needs to get done.

Luckily for Google Chrome users, there are plenty of extensions out there that help you stay productive and focused on the task at hand. Here are five of our favorite Chrome productivity extensions, which should help give you online discipline and the willpower needed to complete just about any project.


Trello Chrome Extension


If you are often working in a group, but not always in the same place, Trello is the perfect productivity extension for Chrome. With organized projects and tasks, easily visible team members and a board format that makes everything simplified, Trello is the ultimate collaboration tool.

Task Timer

Task Timer Chrome Extension

Are you a student with multiple exams approaching that need serious studying on your part? How about a freelancer who needs to divide his/her time as economically as possible to ensure value? Or maybe you’re working a job where your mind wanders throughout the day and you need to budget your time on Facebook.

Whatever the goal, Task Timer is perfect for giving you a fully customized glimpse into how you really spend your time. Not only can you create a list of tasks and keep track of your time in each, but you are able to set time goals for yourself to make sure you get everything done when and how you want it.


WorkFlowy Chrome Extension

Sometimes, when it feels like everything is bearing down on you and you can’t seem to keep anything straight, creating a simple to-do list will do everything to alleviate the pressure. WorkFlowy – with its simple interface and automatic syncing between your phone, tablet and computer – is a great productivity Chrome extension for doing just that.


Bucketlistly Chrome

Bucketlistly is easily one of the best Chrome productivity extensions because it turns your life into an actual game. Here’s how it works: you list all of the achievements you want to unlock in your life, whether they are work/school goals or broader bucket list items. Then, when those tasks or events are completed, you unlock the achievement on Bucketlisly, your friends are notified and you get a badge for your hard work. Staying on tasks and completing your goals has never been more fun.


Writer Chrome Extension

When you need to write – when you really need to write – you need to do so without any distractions. With Writer, you get a productivity extension for Chrome that truly leaves you alone with your words. Plus, you can choose custom fonts and line spacing (along with foreground and background colors), keep an unlimited number of documents, easily export your writing as text or a PDF document, send it by email or blog and more.

The best part of Writer? It has a full screen option that really lets you do nothing but write, perfect for anyone who knows the pain of trying to focus on writing when mindless Internet surfing is just a click away.

Have a Great Productivity Chrome Extension That You Use?

These are just five of our favorite productivity Chrome extensions. Do you have any favorites that you use all the time to help you get things done? Let us know! In the meantime, check out these other great productivity resources:

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