Halloween is one of the most festive holidays out there, with people decorating just about everything in sight, including themselves. The holiday itself is full of fun, colorful and scary imagery that makes the entire month of October an exciting ride.

And to help you make this Halloween as festive as ever, we’ve given you some of our favorite free Halloween wallpaper downloads below, ready to turn your computer into a month-long spookfest. With 31 themes listed, the real Halloween fans out there could add different wallpaper to their desktop every day of the month for maximum celebration.

But first, let’s get started with the OFFICIAL browser theme for Halloween. This theme not only provides a great design for your browser for the holiday, there are quick links to the best Halloween sites for costumes, party ideas and more:

Halloween Browser Theme

Halloween Browser Theme

Jack-o’-Lantern Halloween Wallpapers

One of the most enduring images of Halloween has to be the jack-o’-lantern. With the ability to carve any expression you want, watching them glow from the inside when you’re finished, there are few things better about the holiday than working on a great pumpkin.

Jack O Lantern Wallpaper

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper

Jack o Lantern with Candle

Happy Halloween Pumpkins Wallpaper

Halloween pumpkin pattern wallpaper

Ghostly Halloween Desktop Wallpapers

Ever seen a ghost before? That chill down your neck, the uneasy feeling that you’re not alone – we’ve all felt it before, the notion that maybe, just maybe, there could be a ghost present. If you’re an otherworldly spirit aficionado, ghost-themed Halloween wallpaper is the perfect choice.

Halloween Ghosts Wallpaper

Happy Halloween Ghosts

Ghost Trick or Treating Wallpaper

Ghost Collage Wallpaper

Bewitched Halloween Desktop Wallpapers

Simply put, you don’t want to be on a witch’s bad side, what with the curses and hexes that can be placed on you. Do yourself a favor and deck out your computer with any of these Halloween background images to stay in the good graces of any witch you come across.

Flying Witch Wallpaper

Halloween Witch Art

Halloween Witch with Pumpkin

Anime Witch for Halloween

Scary Halloween Wallpapers

When it comes to Halloween, it’s all about being scared, isn’t it? Why not give yourself a little jolt every time you turn on your computer by downloading one of these scary Halloween wallpapers?

Wallpaper Mother V Blood

Horror Desktop Wallpaper

Evil Jack o Lantern Wallpaper

I'm Watching You HalloweenHaunted Ship Wallpaper

Rain Dance Wallpaper

Fun Halloween Wallpaper Backgrounds

If you’re not in the market to be scared, there are plenty of fun Halloween wallpapers to choose from as well. After all, nobody likes being scared all of the time, right?

Trick or Treat Pacman Wallpaper

Vintage Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween Cat Wallpaper

Fun Scarecrow desktop wallpaper

Frankenstein Wallpaper

Charlie Brown Halloween Desktop wallpaper

Halloween Background

Happy Halloween Wallpaper

Most of all, with whatever Halloween wallpaper you download, just remember: have a happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Wallpaper

Skull Happy Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween in the Graveyard

Classic Happy Halloween

A Very Happy Halloween To You

More Halloween Desktop Backgrounds

Can’t get enough Halloween wallpapers for your computer? Check out all of the Halloween backgrounds your desktop can handle here:

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