The Christmas and holiday season is finally here!

From now until nearly the end of the year, many of us will be swept up in the holiday spirit, giddy just to know that Christmas is on the way. By downloading a Christmas theme for Google Chrome, you’re simply adding even more festive joy to your browser, and best of all, our new Christmas theme for 2013 has links to great shopping deals and a countdown to the big day. What could be better than that? Download a theme today and start celebrating the season in style. Merry Christmas!

Decorative Christmas Chrome Themes

Plenty of holidays have corresponding decorations, but Christmas decorations transform a home into a beautiful, festive landscape that really celebrates the best time of the year. For those of us who are especially into Christmas decorations, what could be better than a holiday Chrome theme to greet us each time we use the computer?

Official Christmas 2013 Chrome Theme

Christmas Chrome Theme 2013

 Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Chrome Theme

By the Fireplace

Christmas Tree by Fireplace

Candy Canes

Candy Canes for Chrome

Christmas Snowflakes

Christmas Snowflakes

Red Christmas Lights

Red Christmas Lights

Red Ornament

Red Christmas Ornament - Chrome

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Presents Under the Christmas Tree

Presents Under the Christmas Tree

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations for Chrome

Golden Christmas Presents

Golden Christmas Present

Santa Claus Chrome Themes

When you think of Christmas, it’s impossible to not think of Santa Claus, too. Who doesn’t remember the excitement of Santa’s impending arrival and how much more magical everything seemed? With a Santa Chrome theme, you’ll be able to revisit that whimsical and warm part of your youth every time you use the Internet. Plus, wouldn’t you love to have a theme of Santa dunking a present into a chimney?

Santa’s Sleigh

Santa Claus Chrome Theme

Santa with Reindeer

Santa with Reindeer Chrome Theme

Santa Chimney Dunk

Santa Chimney Dunk Chrome Theme

Snow Chrome Themes

For many of us, nothing makes a Christmas better than waking up to a fresh coating of snow. A winter wonderland not only gives the nature around us an uplifting change, but something about a calm wintry day really brings a family together. We’ve compiled some beautiful winter and snow covered Chrome themes to put you in the holiday spirit!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Chrome Theme

 Easy Blue Christmas

Easy Blue Christmas Theme 

Lighthouse During Christmas

 Lighthouse During Christmas Chrome Theme

A Winter Wonderland

 Winter Wonderland Chrome Theme

Snowmen Chrome Themes

Speaking of snow, who doesn’t love going outside after a fresh snowfall and spending all day building an epic snowman? And Frosty the Snowman is a staple of holiday lore and the theme of several Christmas songs. This time of year really brings out the creativity in some people – what’s the craziest/most unique snowman you’ve ever seen?

Snowmen Around Christmas Tree

 Snowmen Around Christmas Tree

Dressed up Snowman

Dressed Up Snowman Chrome Theme

Season’s Greetings Snowman

Season's Greetings Snowman 

3 Wise Snowmen

3 Christmas Snowmen Chrome Theme


Merry Christmas Chrome Themes

Everyone just seems nicer during the holidays, don’t they? A simple “Merry Christmas!” greeting seemingly has magical powers, with the ability to improve anyone’s mood. Download any of these Christmas Chrome themes and you’ll always be reminded that this holiday is the perfect time to lift someone’s spirits. We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new Chrome theme!

Merry Christmas Green Theme

Merry Christmas Green
Merry Christmas Reindeer

Merry Christmas Reindeer Chrome Theme

Disney Merry Christmas

Disney Merry Christmas Chrome Theme

Merry Christmas Chrome

Merry Christmas Chrome Theme

Other Festive Christmas Chrome Themes

No matter how it’s celebrated, Christmas is a special time for many people and these festive Chrome themes are a great way to count down the days and put you in the holiday spirit. From cat Chrome themes to Mickey Mouse and Simpsons Chrome themes, everybody gets involved when it comes to celebrating Christmas.

Christmas Kitty

 Christmas Kitty Chrome Theme

A Kitty for Christmas

 A Kitty for Christmas Chrome Theme

Anime Christmas

 Anime Christmas Chrome Theme

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Christmas - Chrome

Homer Simpson Christmas

 Homer Simpson Christmas Chrome Theme

Find Even More Holiday Chrome Themes

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