Sure, Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have and for spending time with loved ones. But it’s also about eating a lot of great food. Whatever your reason for loving it, there are tons of Thanksgiving browser themes, desktop wallpapers and more that help you celebrate the colors and joy of this holiday. At Brand Thunder, we just so happen to love Thanksgiving, so we put together some of our favorite Turkey Day downloads – enjoy!

Thanksgiving Browser Themes

Beyond just eating a ton of great food and being with family, Thanksgiving is a heck of a way to kick off the holiday season. It’s hard not to get swept up in the spirit of it all – yes, especially when it comes to Black Friday. That is why the first Thanksgiving Chrome theme you see comes with links to great shopping deals that will make your holidays better than ever.

Official Thanksgiving Browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)


 Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Theme

Thanksgiving Harvest

Thanksgiving Harvest Browser Theme

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Browser

Thanksgiving Firefox Themes

Thanksgiving Interactive Persona - Firefox

Colorful Thanksgiving Firefox

From Mozilla

Being Thankful - Mozilla Firefox
Thanksgiving Sunset for Firefox  Fun Happy Thanksgiving Turkey

Create Your Own Thanksgiving Browser Theme

If you are feeling especially festive and want to share your holiday excitement with the rest of the world, then you might just want to create your own Thanksgiving browser theme. With BT Engage, you can create your very own theme in just a couple incredibly easy steps, and in no time you’ll be spreading the Thanksgiving joy all over the Internet. Here’s a Thanksgiving theme one user created using BT:Engage.

Thanksgiving November

Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpaper

In our very humble opinion, we think Thanksgiving has some tremendously underrated imagery surrounding it. From leaves changing colors and assortments of food to pumpkins, candles and more, Thanksgiving is a time that makes you feel cozy and warm. Best of all, you can make yourself feel all cozy and warm every time you turn on your computer, thanks to a wide assortment of beautiful Thanksgiving wallpaper for your desktop. If you love dressing up your browser, you’ll have a great time dressing up your desktop with these fun Thanksgiving related desktop wallpapers…

Thanksgiving Corn Desktop Wallpaper

Gobble Gobble Gobble Desktop Wallpaper

Cornucopia Desktop Wallpaper

Frolic in the Autumn Leaves Wallpaper

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Feast - Wallpaper

Thanksgiving Facebook Themes

Speaking of being cozy, who doesn’t like getting a warm mug of cider, jumping on the Internet and getting cozy with the latest gossip-worthy happenings of your friends on Facebook? And with a Thanksgiving Facebook theme, you’ll always be ready for the feast that awaits you on the big day. Facebook themes continue to increase in popularity as users love to customize the look and feel of their Facebook background. Check out these great themes that will spice up (pun intended) your Facebook backgrounds just in time for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Facebook Theme

Give Thanks - Facebook Theme

Knick Knack Thanksgiving Theme

Thanksgiving Turkey Facebook theme

Thanksgiving iPad & iPhone Wallpaper and Themes

If you’re a true fanatic of the holiday, then the following Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers, iPad wallpapers and device themes are perfect for you. We’re entering quite possibly the best time of the year, so enjoy it every opportunity you can…..even on your smartphone!

Thanksgiving iPhone Wallpaper

Snoopy Thankgiving iPhone theme

Thanksgiving Harvest iOS theme

Turkey Day iPhone Theme

Thanksgiving Love iPhone Theme

 Happy Thanksgiving iPad Themes

Happy thanksgiving iPad

Pumpkin and Orange iPad Theme

Find Even More Great Thanksgiving Downloads

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