Boy bands that become a worldwide phenomenon, making teenage girls cry at their very presence, are certainly nothing new. Every generation has its dreamy group of singers designed to croon, dance and steal the hearts of every girl in existence.The latest boy band to do so is One Direction, an English-Irish pop group that, naturally, has taken the world by storm. Brand Thunder has put together some custom themes for other pop stars over the years including:  Greyson Chance, Jacob Latimore, Mindless Behavior, Kelly Clarkson and many more.

We haven’t worked directly with One Direction on a custom theme but we’re no strangers to the catchy music of this collection of fresh-faced Lotharios, so we’ve put together a few of our favorite One Direction Chrome themes for you.

Leaping One Direction

Leaping One Direction chrome theme

Hey, look! It’s One Direction having fun! Their music is poppy and irresistible to anyone (try to find someone who hasn’t turned up the radio volume when a song of theirs comes on), so this One Direction Chrome theme might be a picture of the guys jumping into a gigantic pile of money.

Drawing One Direction

Drawing One Direction Chrome Theme

Girls demanding to see a cuter version of the One Direction boys will likely be pleased to find this image of the group in sketch form.

One Direction Live

One Direction Live for Chrome

Listening to your favorite band is great, but seeing it perform live is always so much better. And, like any boy band, One Direction knows how to put on a great show. This is the perfect One Direction Chrome theme for fans who want to remember their favorite concert.

One Direction in Color

One Direction in Color - Browser Theme

No one can deny that the members of One Direction are stylish dressers (or, at least the people who do dress them for photo shoots really know what they’re doing). Think you could rock green pants?

Coordinated One Direction

Coordinated One Direction

The band doesn’t always have to dress in wacky colors, as this One Direction Chrome theme proves. Sometimes, they rock fitted suits that probably cost more than many of our houses.

One Direction in Red

One Direction in Red Theme

Now the band is coordinating in all red! Will the madness of their perfectly matched outfits ever end? This red Chrome theme is sure to be a treat for your retinas; is there any color this band can’t pull off?

One Direction in Blue

One Direction Blue Chrome Theme

Now the guys are strutting around in blue. The difference with this One Direction Chrome theme is that it features the band’s name as well as their tremendously coiffed hair.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles Chrome theme

The ladies go nuts for Harry Styles, so we’re pretty sure we know why this particular One Direction theme would be popular.

One Direction Huddle

One Direction in a Huddle

When you want to feel like you’re actually part of the group, you’ll want this One Direction browser theme. Now, every time you open your browser, you can swoon at being so close to your favorite guys.

One Direction with Dogs

One Direction with Dogs

No words are needed here.

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