ipad wallpaperThe holidays are over, but the winter is still here and not going anywhere, so why not celebrate it? Snowy landscapes are still as serene as ever, and they provide the perfect backdrop for your iPad.

We’ve put together a few free iPad wallpapers that are sure to keep you in the proper winter spirit, even if you are looking forward to the spring. From fresh snowfall and the animals that manage to live under these conditions to all of the other sights and sounds of the season, there is an iPad wallpaper out there for every aspect of winter.


Check out a few of our favorite iPad wallpapers below:

Winter Jay


Though the winter months are quiet, plenty of critters still roam snow-covered areas, like the blue jay you see above. Be brave like these winter animals – go outside and enjoy the weather!

City in the Winter

City in the Winter iPad Wallpaper

City living during the winter can be an interesting experience. On one hand, there are few things more beautiful than snow falling between the sky-high buildings and quietly onto the busy streets. On the other hand, traffic can be worse, slush is everywhere and, after the holidays, a lot of people want nothing to do with the winter. In other words, living in the city isn’t for the faint of heart.

Cat in the Snow

 Cat in the Snow Wallpaper for iPad

This free winter wallpaper features a cat playing in the snow. A cat. playing. in. the. snow. It doesn’t get much cuter than that, and with the brilliant resolution on your iPad, you’ll be entranced by this cat all winter long.

Mountain in Winter Scene

 Mountain in Winter iPad Wallpaper

A snowy mountainous landscape is one of the most enduring images of winter, and there are plenty of iPad wallpaper themes that showcase that. With this theme’s clarity, you’ll be in awe of just how awesome nature can be.

Happy Snowman iPad Wallpaper

 Happy Snowman Wallpaper

For many of us, there is still plenty of snow on the ground, and more could be on the way before it’s all said and done. With that in mind, this is a particularly good year to do some high-quality snowman construction.

Snowflakes Wallpaper

snowflakes winter wallpaper

There are few things more calming than a quiet snowfall. And the snowflake – each individual amazingly unique – is beautiful in itself. This free winter wallpaper for your iPad is perfect for capturing the inherent beauty of fresh snow.

Snowy Path

Snowy Path iPad Wallpaper


As symbolic as it is pretty to look at, this winter wallpaper features a path hidden by snowfall. With the new year upon us, this is a perfect wallpaper that reminds us just how unknown our futures truly are.

Winter Farmhouse Scene Winter Farmhouse iPad wallpaper

This winter wallpaper features a quaint farmhouse surrounded by the elements of the season. There are few things more beautiful than trees that have been covered white by snow, and that, along with the accompanying lake, makes for a great iPad backdrop.

Winter Lake Sunset Wallpaper





Pond hockey enthusiasts will especially love this iPad wallpaper, which showcases a frozen lake near the end of the day. A great landscape full of eye-popping color: perfect for your iPad’s breathtaking resolution.

Icy Day Wallpaper Icy Day Wallpaper for iPad

Though it means the temperatures are freezing, there are few things better to look at in the winter than the icicles forming all around you. This wallpaper features a cluster of icicles forming around the branch of a tree, perfectly preserving it in the cold weather.

Find More Winter Wallpapers Today

This, of course, is just a sampling of the iPad winter wallpaper you can find online. As the iPad continues to grow in popularity, so too will the number of themes and backdrops (though it’s already incredibly high). There are so many kinds of HD winter wallpapers out there that you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

And if you can’t get enough of winter, why not turn your web browser into a winter wonderland as well? At Brand Thunder, we have a huge gallery of winter browser themes, which includes plenty of Christmas themes if you’re already looking forward to next December. Be sure to check out all of our winter themes.

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