Chinese New Year Browser Theme

If you’re going to be celebrating the Chinese New Year, Tet, Losar or any other lunar calendar celebration that I’m not aware of – you need to check out Brand Thunder’s dragon browser themes. It’s the Year of the Dragon and we have the browser skin for you.

3D Dragon Browser Theme

Year of the Dragon browser theme

3D Dragon Browser Theme It started as a joke to release a 3D browser theme, but it has it’s fans. Sorry, we don’t have the red and blue glasses that really make this theme pop. You’ll enjoy it regardless with the classic style Chinese dragon. A great way to start off a very auspicious year.

Dragon Browser Theme

Dragon Browser Theme You may decide that a more fantasy-oriented dragon is more to your liking. This theme may have you thinking more about World of Warcraft than the Three Gorges, but like either of those destinations you’ll be transported to another place and time.

Blue Dragon Browser Theme

Blue Dragon Browser Theme is a browser theme created by one of the folks in the Brand Thunder community using BT:Engage, Brand Thunder’s browser theme creator. It’s a ethereal image of a Chinese dragon. More understated on the dragon front, but more forward on the design front.

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon

We hope you find something to like, or if you don’t, head over and create your own at BT:Engage. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping your own images into the theme creator. And it’ll be a fun way to kick off this New Year of the Dragon!

Sorry, Chrome users. These themes are for Firefox and Internet Explorer only. We’re upset about it too and are working hard to bring all our great themes to Chrome.


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