winter treesThe time for winter is nearly here. While that does mean cold weather (which some people do look forward to), it also means warm nights at home and a slew of winter activities, such as sledding, snowball fights, snowman-building, and so much more.

For those of us lucky enough to experience winter, we know it can be a magical time of the year. As you eagerly anticipate the first major snow of the year (if you haven’t received it already), keep yourself occupied with some Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome winter themes.

We’ve put together some of our favorite winter browser themes for all three major browsers (you’ll notice a general snow theme taking place). Check them out below:

Frosty Snowflakes

Frosty Snowflakes Winter theme

For many of us, what would a winter be without at least a little snow? Better yet, every individual design of a snowflake is truly something to behold.

Beautiful Winter Night

Beautiful Winter Theme

The quiet of a winter’s night can be both calming and inspiring. As you breathe in the cold air, it’s the perfect time for some reflection.

Snow Winter Tree

Snow Winter Tree Theme

A fresh layer of snow covering every tree in sight is really something everybody should see at least once. There aren’t many better scenes to wake up to.

Winnie Makes a Snowman

Winnie Makes a Snowman theme

Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh and his friends? They get in the winter action in this winter theme, working together to build a snowman.

So Sweet Snowman

So Sweet Snowman Winter theme

At Brand Thunder, we really love our snowmen. The big snowman face in this winter browser theme is sure to put a smile on your own face.

Winter Chrome Themes

Winter Night in Moonlight for Chrome

Winter Night Chrome Theme

The striking way in which the moonlight shines off a snowy landscape is perfectly captured in this winter Chrome theme.

Winter Season for Chrome

Winter Season Chrome Theme Google

This is another theme that perfectly captures the serenity of the winter season. Put yourself in the perfect reflective, calm mindset with a browser theme like this.

Snowmen Child in Winter Theme for Google Chrome

Snowman Child in Winter Theme

We certainly couldn’t leave you without offering up another snowman browser theme. This one is a little bit different, as a snowman and his child gaze upon a starry winter night.

IE & Firefox Winter Themes

Have a Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer theme? These Winter-inspired themes are specifically for you. If you don’t find a theme you like, feel free to browser our Winter theme gallery. Winter is beautiful so bring it to your browser!

Winter Bird Song

Winter bird song

Blue Frost Theme

Blue Frost Theme

Winter’s Blue Wave

Winters Blue Wave

Winter’s Blue Snow

Winter's Blue Snow

Winter Country House Theme

Winter country house theme

Winter’s First Snowfall Theme

Winter's First Snowfall theme

Make Your Own Winter Themes Today

Not finding the winter themes you were looking for? Have an idea for a Firefox or IE browser theme, but don’t see it anywhere? Make your own with BT Engage, the easiest way to create your very own Firefox or Internet Explorer winter theme.

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