Our 2012 Browser Theme Contest concludes with the winner of Most Popular Theme and Pop Couture came out on top. Fashion is a cutthroat and competitive industry, so we shouldn’t be surprised that the inspired Pop Couture theme pulled a victory from competition with deep roots in the digital community.

Here’s how the votes tallied up.

The Winner! Pop Couture

Pop Couture Browser Theme

A dark horse no more, Pop Couture from Juliana took high-brow fashion and a good ground game to pull off the victory. Nice work, Julianna! And enjoy your new Google Nexus 7 tablet.

1st Runner Up – Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

Theme designer MaDonna almost scored back-to-back wins with the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Winner of the Best Design Theme with Darth Vader Red Planet was a close second in total votes and will enjoy a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

2nd Runner Up – Lava Thunder

Lava Thunder

Ziggy of Zigboom Designs trailed in the votes with the Lava Thunder theme but still takes home a sweet $50 Amazon Gift Card.


Thanks to all the participants in the Pop Culture Browser Theme Contest, and be sure to enjoy one of these or any of the great Pop Culture themes in our Gallery.


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