The browser “Theme of the Week” for last week is the “Wild Bamboo Theme” for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This simple and brilliant design features a forest of bamboo trees and leaves in a beautiful collage of greens that site nicely against the background of your browser. Theme designer “Madonna” used a wide spectrum of green colors to give you the feel of being in the jungle. It’s interesting that Madonna used the dark green bamboo leaves in the foreground and the lighter color greens in the background, as this technique helped to make you feel as though you are walking through the leaves of the forest. Excellent use of color and design to form this browser theme.

Wild Bamboo Theme

Wild Bamboo Browser

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Superman Theme

Superman Browser Theme

Char GW2

Yellow Rose of Texas

Yellow Rose of Texas

Orange Ball Theme

Parker’s Weather Buzz

Parker's Weather buzz Theme

Create Your Own Browser Theme

If you would like to enter the weekly “Theme of the Week” contest to have your theme featured on one of our blog posts and all our social media accounts, simply create a theme using our free browser theme tool. We will pick the winner each week. Full details on our contest are here.

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