Language Immersion for Chrome
Language Immersion Extension for Chrome

Learning a new language takes time, and not everyone has the time to sit down and truly take the time needed to become fluent. That being said, Google Labs and Use All Five have introduced a new Chrome extension that will make learning bits and pieces of a new language as easy as ever.

Introducing: Language Immersion: By using Google Translate, Language Immersion is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to simply switch words and phrases from a website into any of the 64 compatible languages. Users are also able to set their experience level (novice to expert) to help with the learning process.

The extension is easy to use – simply click on a translated word to switch it back to English or roll-over the translated word to hear it pronounced.

If Language Immersion interests you (and it should, because it’s pretty cool), be sure to check out the demo video below to learn more about this Chrome extension:

While Language Immersion is an incredibly neat and useful tool, even its developers admit that it’s not an exact science. And sure, it’s not 100% accurate, and won’t immediately make you fluent, but it will give you plenty of opportunities to begin learning a new language.

If you’ve wanted to start learning a new language – or just wanted to see what some words and phrases sound like in Afrikaans, then Language Immersion is the perfect Google Chrome extension for you. Give it a try today – it’s a surprisingly addictive and educational tool to add to your Chrome add-on repertoire.

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