This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” pays tribute to the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday with a vintage twist. The “Vintage Mothers Day” theme displays a mother holding her baby in her arms on the right hand side of the theme. A vintage “cloudy” black and white background reminiscent of yesteryear gives the feel of a picture or image from the 1920’s or 30’s. The theme is capped off with a cursive “Happy Mother’s Day” to the left of the mother and her child, helping to wish all mothers around the world a Happy Mother’s Day! What a beautiful theme:

Vintage Mother’s Day Theme

Vintage Mother's Day

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Hello Kitty 3D

Hello Kitty 3D Theme

Everyone’s favorite “Hello Kitty” wearing 3D glasses.

Brightness of Fall

Brightness of Fall

A beautiful theme for Firefox and IE getting us ready for the Autumn season. Brilliant use of yellows, oranges and reds.

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Theme

The yearly Kentucky Derby is just around the corner. Here is a theme celebrating the 138th running of the Derby.

Blue Jays Nation Theme

Toronto Blue Jays Nation Theme

One of our fans created a theme for their Toronto Blue Jays fan website to go along with the Toronto Blue Jays theme.

Night Glow

Night Glow

A dazzling array of dark colors against a dark blue and purple background. This is a great theme for night time.

Sad Kitty Face

Sad Kitty

Love Kitties? This theme features a sad kitty face in the green grass of spring-time.

Create your Own Theme

If you would like to enter the weekly “Theme of the Week” contest to have your theme featured on one of our blog posts and all our social media accounts, simply create a theme using our free browser theme tool. We will pick the winner each week. Full details on our contest are here.

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