When it comes to internet marketing (and any form of marketing, really), the key to your brand’s success is an increased presence and an ability to set yourself apart from the competition. This is why companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to market themselves.

One of those innovative and effective ways of marketing comes in the form of browser themes. For anyone who wants to increase revenues to a site or simply draw more traffic to it, a custom browser theme is an excellent option. Companies, bloggers, publishers and brands alike can benefit from designing a browser theme and promoting it to their followers/customers.

What Will a Custom Browser Theme Do for Your Website or Blog?

A browser theme gives your name or brand instant (and constant) recognition. Whenever someone uses their browser, it is your name and/or logo that will be front and center.

Take a look at a few stats that illustrate the kind of engagement that exists with custom browser themes:

  • Users will return to your website 8-12x more often
  • 25% of all clicks go directly to a brand’s Facebook page
  • 10% of all clicks go directly to commerce opportunities
  • Your fans MIGHT see your Facebook page update, but the definitely WILL see your browser theme and offers

In other words, real engagement is taking place with custom browser themes. And with the easily customizable features of your own browser themes, you are able to direct visitors to specific parts of your site that you want to target. Send them to your social media accounts if you are looking for more fans or followers. Target specific products and services to increase your revenues. The beauty of custom browser themes is the ability to tweak it to meet your own goals.

What’s not to like? Your new theme takes you to a whole new level of prominence, including plenty of opportunities for additional fan engagement, ecommerce and affiliate links, coupons from companies like Raise, deals and more for your site. The possibilities really are endless, and this doesn’t even mention the fact that your site’s logo and colors will be displayed at all times. How can any brand pass that up?

Brands Using Custom Browser Themes to Drive Traffic & Branding

Here are just a few major brands that are using custom branded browser themes to engage with their fans and deliver more traffic to their respective websites and social media accounts:

Create Your Own Theme in Just 5 Minutes

Creating a custom browser theme for your site is easy and cost-effective. While there are many options for doing so, the Brand Thunder BT Engage theme creator makes the process especially simple. Just follow the steps when signing up, and you will be on your way to increasing your web traffic and sales. A custom branded browser theme can be created in less than 5 minutes with your brand’s logo and links to your website or affiliate offers.

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