There so many great submissions for the Best Celebrity Browser Theme contest over the past several weeks, it was very difficult to pick just one winner. One theme stood above the rest in terms of design, creativity and captivation. The Best Celebrity Browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer is the Angelina Jolie theme created by Firefox personas designer, MaDonna. One of the world’s most recognizable celebrities graces the right hand side of the browser with her head turned slightly starting right back at the browser user. This theme is both sexy and elegant and provides an intimate look into the eyes of the famous actress (as well as some “skin”, no pun intended). Angelina is known for her tattoos and MaDonna uses the scripted tattoos in this theme towards the center of the theme in black cursive writing and a light brown, almost wood-like background color. Congratulations to MaDonna for winning the $50 gift card for creating the Best Celebrity Theme with the Angelina Jolie Theme!

Angelina Jolie Browser Theme – Firefox & Internet Explorer

Angelina Jolie Theme

We can’t just show one celebrity theme, there were so many great entries. Speaking of Angelina Jolie, here is another theme created for the actress:

Angelina Jolie White

Angelina Jolie White Theme

Brad Pitt Browser Theme

Brad Pitt Browser theme

Justin Bieber Theme

Justin Bieber Browser Theme

George Clooney Theme

George Clooney Theme

Beyonce Knowles Browser Theme

Beyonce Knowles Theme

Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones

Eddard Stark Theme

Rapper 2Pac Browser Theme

2Pac Browser theme

Vampire Diaries Theme

Vampire Diaries Theme

Lin-Sanity “Jeremy Lin” Theme

Jeremy Lin Theme

Madonna Browser Theme

Madonna Browser Theme for Firefox & IE

Halle Berry Browser Theme

Halle Berry Theme

Pamela Anderson on Lily

Pamela Anderson Theme for Firefox and IE

Eminem Theme

Eminem Browser Theme

Kim Kardashian Sexy Eyes

Kim Kardashian Sexy Eyes

The Bourne Legacy Theme

The Bourne Legacy Theme

Christina Aguilera Theme

Christina Aguilera Theme

Madonna Theme for Firefox & IE

Madonna Browser Theme

Celebrity Mugshots Theme

Celebrity Mugshots Theme

Charlize Theron Theme

charlize Theron Browser Theme

Smokin’ Hot Lady Gaga Theme

Smoking Hot Lady Gaga Theme

American Idol Theme

American Idol Browser Theme

More Celebrity Browser Themes

This is just a sample of some of the best celebrity browser themes that were created for our contest by fans and users of our browser theme tool, as well as some existing themes that were created by our team for major brands. Here are a few additional themes you might enjoy:


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