This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from Firefox persona designer “Madonna” with the theme she created called “Southwestern Sky”. Some of the most popular browser themes in our gallery are nature related and we would argue that some of the most popular wallpapers out there are nature-inspired photography and designs. There is something inspirational about having the beauty of nature on your desktop or browser to remind you how amazing the world around us is and what it can create naturally. The “Southwestern Sky” theme created by Madonna, showcases a beautiful desert thunderstorm in the dead of night across the top of the browser. The streaks of electric lightening light up the desert sky and display the shadows of desert imagery with cacti and other desert-related plant life. In some ways this image is a photographers dream, to have so many streaks of light coming down from the sky right when they snap the photo. Congratulations to Madonna for creating a beautifully mesmerizing browser theme for your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser:

Southwestern Sky

Southwestern Sky theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Smurf Garden Theme

Smurf Garden Theme

Hip Alligator

Hip Alligator

Red Dog

Red Dog Theme

Sonic Hedgehog Theme

Sonic Hedgehog Browser

Create Your Own Theme

These themes and other great browser themes were created for free using our browser theme creator for Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can create your very own browser theme and submit to our gallery for consideration for “Theme of the Week” and be showcased to thousands of our readers and browser theme fans around the world. Create now — >

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