The browser “Theme of the Week” this week comes from a new theme designer “miia” and their design of “The Lorax”. The Lorax is a computer animated 3D film based on the Dr. Seuss character and book of the same name. In the movie, Danny DeVito plays the grumpy yet charming bright orange character who has a distinctive large yellow mustache. The theme itself is a brilliantly simplistic theme with a bright orange background with the face of The Lorax on the right hand side of the theme. His unassuming eyes hover over the big bushy mustache and give the overall theme a lighthearted feel. This is a must-have theme for any Dr. Seuss and “The Lorax” fans! “Miia” also created some additional Dr. Seuss characters from the movie below including “Greed-ler” and “Once-ler”…

The Lorax

The Lorax Browser

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Autumn Woods

Autumn Woods Theme

Greed-ler Theme

Greed-ler Theme

Adoring Butterflies

Adoring Butterflies Theme

First Frosting of Snow

First Frosting of Snow Theme

Once-ler Theme

Once-ler Theme

Bald Eagle Browser Theme

August Bald Eagle

When Butterflies Shine

When Butterflies Shine Theme

Stormy Sky

Stormy Sky Browser Theme

Obey Never Trust Your Own Eyes

Obey Never Trust your Own Eyes Theme

Hacker Browser Theme

Hacker Browser Theme

Create the “Theme of the Week”

Every one of these browser themes was created for free using the free Firefox and Internet Explorer theme tool. See your designs here and win a chance at the theme of the week by creating a theme and submitting to our gallery.

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