Some of the more popular Firefox themes are some of the most basic designs. It makes sense, users want to spice up their browser a bit but don’t want to make it too difficult to navigate around their browser given the number of bookmarks, toolbars, add-ons, and other navigational elements to the average browser. Looking through some of the top themes in the various theme galleries, “Dark” themes seems to always show up in the top of the list. Perhaps it’s the simplicity or the fact that Dark themes help some of the buttons and browsing features stick out more? Either way, we’ll highlight some of the best Dark Firefox themes across the Web…

Dark Themes for Firefox

NASA Dark Theme


This is one of the most popular themes in the Firefox Theme gallery month after month. This simple design is a standard dark black theme the really accentuates your navigation and other browser elements.

Black Checkers Theme

Black Checkers Firefox theme

This is a simple black theme called “Black Checkers”. It actually has just a bit of a lighter black color than some of the darker Firefox themes out there. This is a nice option for a dark theme that not too dark.

Dark Japanese Floral

Dark Japanese Floral

This beautiful theme was created by a theme designer using a browser theme creator tool for Firefox. They simply used a dark black background and added a brilliant mix of Japanese Floral flowers and patterns to the background. An amazing theme that keeps it dark yet adds a touch of color.

Dark Lady Gaga Theme

Lady Gaga

Fans of Lady Gaga and Dark Firefox Themes have found a theme that matches their taste. An image of Lady Gaga sits on the right hand side of the theme over a dark background.


Dark Lava Fax Theme

Dark Lava Fox Theme

This is a really cool Dark theme with hints of ruby red on the toolbar buttons and outlines. This is a really sleek theme and always towards the top of the theme list in terms of most popular.

Dark Sophistication

Another theme created using the Firefox theme creator tool, this dark theme features a splattering of flowers along the top and right hand side of the skin. A great theme to add just a little bit of spice to your dark background.

Sleek Dark

A Sleek Dark Theme for Firefox

As we’ve seen, there are different shades of “Dark” with Firefox themes. This skin is a sleek black color gracing the top of the browser.

More Dark Themes

This is just a sampling of some of the dark Firefox skins out there. Here’s a few more links to others you might be interested in:

What are some of your favorite dark themes for Firefox? Please share theme in the comments below…

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