Internet Explorer Addons postAll of the major web browsers out there pride themselves on their ability to be customized, offering users a unique, convenient and fun experience. Internet Explorer is certainly no different, as IE add-ons allow you to personalize the browser for how you access your favorite content and services. Though Internet Explorer add-ons cover almost any category of interests, they are divided into four distinct types:

  • Search Providers – Get real-time (and relevant) search suggestions based on what you type.
  • Accelerators – Simply highlight the text from any web page, click on the blue Accelerator icon, and do everything from map an address to translate a phrase and more.
  • Web Slices – Have a favorite aspect of a certain site? Subscribe to it directly and easily access it from your favorites bar.
  • Toolbars – Just about any feature imaginable can be found on a toolbar, from sports scores and stock tickers to weather information, images, videos and much more.

Internet Explorer Add-ons allow the user to customize their browsing experience while using Internet Explorer to surf the Web and access your favorite services.

Finding the Best IE Add-Ons

At Brand Thunder, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Internet Explorer add-ons. Here is our look at some of the best IE add-ons out there:

Amazon Search Suggestions Add-on

Amazon Search Suggesion IE Add-on

If you shop online, then you probably are quite familiar with Amazon. This add-on allows you to instantly search the giant online retailer, with product suggestions given to you as you type.

Find on Facebook Add-on

Find on Facebook add-on

If you’re a social media junkie, this is a great add-on for you. You’ll be able to easily search for people and groups on Facebook from any web page which, ultimately, makes this a great networking tool.

170,000 Recipe Search – BigOven

Recipe Search Big Oven Add on

Looking for something new to cook, or want to get some tips on spicing up a regular meal? This search add-on from the BigOven social network is a quick tool for making you a better cook.

ESPN Top Headlines Add-on

ESPN Top Headlines IE Addon

We’re all busy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fit in our sports fix. Get all of the day’s sports headlines with this IE add-on from ESPN.

Google Search IE Addon

Google Search IE Addon

This one is self-explanatory, but it’s a great tool to incorporate into your browser. Get search predictions with Google’s search technology.

IE Theme Add-on

Of course, Brand Thunder offers its own IE add-ons through a variety of Internet Explorer browser themes. With the fall season upon us, we are particularly fond of our Thanksgiving persona.

Thanksgiving Add-on for IE

To find even more Internet Explorer add-ons that suit you, be sure to check out IE’s full gallery of add-ons.

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